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Spotlight on Cozy Mysteries - The Coffeehouse Mystery Series by Cleo Coyle

Since May 2007, I've become addicted to this delightful concoction by Cleo Coyle. (Cleoy Coyle is the pen name for the husband and wife writing team of Alice Alfonsi and Marc Cerasini. The couple had also written as "Alice Kimberly" for the Haunted Bookshop Mysteries, but the publisher recently changed that nom de plume to Cleoy Coyle, as well).

Coffee mysteryBelievable, likable characters (like plucky coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi), as well as java talk and recipes--not to mention compelling whodunits--makes this cozy series irresistible and enjoyable (I tend to consume large amounts of joe when I read one of the fair warning to ya when you indulge in these books).

Cleo Coyle (Alice) maintains a wonderful website at, which is named after the fictional cafe in the books, The Village Blend. She features recipes, reading guides, giveaways, character profiles, discussion board, newsletter and more.

Alice is one of those rare authors that actually puts herself out there, interacting with readers and fans via her discussion board, Twitter and Facebook (maybe because her ol' stomping grounds is none other than Pittsburgh, PA--known for its down-to-earth, friendly people. Like myself. *wink*.)

Here's a list of the Coffeehouse Mysteries by Cleo Coyle so you can dig into this wonderful series right from the beginning:

Coffeehouse Mysteries 1-12 smallBook 1: On What Grounds

Book 2: Through the Grinder

Book 3: Latte Trouble

Book 4: Murder Most Frothy

Book 5: Decaffeinated Corpse

Book 6: French Pressed

Book 7: Espresso Shot

Book 8: Holiday Grind

Book 9: Roast Mortem

Book 10: Murder by Mocha

Book 11: A Brew to a Kill

Book 12: Holiday Buzz

Book 13: Billionaire Blend (Coming October 2013)

So do yourself a favor and go out and buy the first few books of the Coffeehouse Mystery Series (heck, just buy all dozen!), making sure you have time to kick back, enjoy a hot beverage of your choice (no, you don't have to be a java drinker to enjoy this series) and relax with Clare Cosi and company.

Below, enjoy the offcial Coffeehouse Mysteries trailer, made by Alice herself.


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