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Good Tarot Cards Gone Bad - The Sun

Welcome to another edition of Good Tarot Cards Gone Bad, where we examine the dark side of cards that are usually touted as positive, happy or auspicious. Today, we're examing The Sun Tarot card. Watch the video below to find out what happens when The Sun gets turned on its head, is ill-aspected or lands in the "drawbacks"/cons position of a spread.

Other dark side expressions can include obsession with fame or going past (way past) the proverbial "5 minutes of fame".

-- Janet



Janet! I love these videos. You always have such wonderful information to share. I love the portion about sabotaging success... What an interesting way of looking at the Sun card. I can absolutely see that meaning. The story of Icarus!

Janet Boyer

Ohhh, how could I forget to mention ICARUS. Perfect, Shaheen! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you enjoy the videos. XO I have three more done, and will be posting them soon: 10 of Coins, The Star and The Tower. :o)


:-) you can't do it all... in one video! I can't wait to see the others. It's fun to explore the dark side of things. The shadow is an important teacher. I enjoy your dedication to the whole picture in Tarot.... some people get stuck on the fluffy stuff... they want it all to be good. Keep'em comin ;-)

Janet Boyer

Why thank you, my friend. :o) It would seem that Tarot is my "thing" and I shall not leave it after all. XO

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