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Kuan Yin Oracle

Kuan Yin Cover Smaller“Kuan Yin is the Mother of Compassion. She guides us into our enlightenment, which is being able to live in harmony and unity with the Love that is, and surrendering into that Love. Enlightenment is not meant to be a distant spiritual goal, but something that we can choose to live at any time, by choosing love, kindness, compassion and wisdom over fear, judgement, anger or separation from the Source, the Divine Feminine, that seeks to nourish us so that we blossom into the fullness of our being.” – Alana Fairchild

For those weary of the fear-based zeitgeist, the Asian goddess Kuan Yin serves as a balm to deflated souls. This Mother of Compassion finds expression via delicate, ethereal images painted by Chinese artist Zeng Hao in the 44-card Kuan Yin Oracle, published by Blue Angel Gallery (Australia). With profound, heart-based insights by Alan Fairchild, this deck offers wisdom, healing advice and prayers to help seekers operate from their Higher Self.

The 143-page companion booklet provides two excellent spreads (the 3-card Kuan Yin’s Mirror and the 4-card Lotus Blossom), as well as 2-3 pages dedicated to each card, explaining the energy of the card, the issues or circumstances likely at play when the card comes up, a healing meditation and a prayer.

As with most of the Blue Angel Gallery decks, the cards are quite large and glossy, measuring approximately 5 ½ x 3 ¾ inches. Each card is titled and numbered, making it easy to find the corresponding entry in the companion booklet. 

Kuan Yin 4In the companion book, Alana Fairchild points out that “You might have a specific question but know that the Divine Mother brings to you what you need…” When using the Kuan Yin Oracle, I’ve found this to be very true.

For example, the other night, I was troubled by the behavior of a Tarot blogger who writes for the same group blog that I do. I’ve never had any interaction with this person before, and she’s new to the blog, but when I came across a post of hers, I took the time to comment—complimenting the post and sharing my own insights on the topic.

To my surprise, she deleted my comment and blocked me from further posting.

I can only assume she’s a part of the petty Tarot clique that’s made it their mission to blackball and ignore me no matter where I am.

In the back of my mind, though, I was also discouraged about the direction of my writing—not sure if I was on the best path for my highest good.

I decided to test out the Kuan Yin Oracle, asking about the snub by the Tarot blogger. Interestingly, I drew Card 24, Reveal the Peacock Beauty. Some of the wisdom of this card includes:

“As the power of the throat chakra grows, our urge to express ourselves in an uniquely creative way becomes strong…This oracle is also an indicator that whatever project, plan or purpose you have been contemplating is in alignment with the higher creativity of your Soul. Don’t worry if the details aren’t unfolding as you thought they would. It is always wise to be clear with your intention and surrender the details to the Universe so that they can unfold according to a vision greater than our own…Don’t give up, but do let go. Allow the beauty within to find its expression now, beloved. It is time for your inner beauty to shine.”

Kuan Yin 10I was blown away at how the advice seemed to address both issues that were on my mind (one in the forefront, the other in the back). The purpose of any kind of shunning (or shaming) is to shut down the Throat Chakra of the target—to crush the will to the point of “shutting her up”. It’s an insidious, passive-aggressive, fear-based approach to dealing with a disliked person, to be sure.

Bolstered and encouraged by the additional advice of the Peacock Beauty card, I sat in awe at how its message resonated on multiple levels. It reminded me to keep on shining, to pursue beauty, to allow the powerful creative energy generated in the Sacral Chakra to rise up and manifest in the Throat Chakra via written communication (in my case, blogging and writing a novel)—free from the bad (or good) opinions of others. I am in Higher Service to something Greater, and it’s my sacred duty to allow the beauty within to find expression.

So, just in case you wonder if the Kuan Yin Oracle may be too “gentle” or “feminine” for you, allow me to point out that other expressions in this deck include Mother Fierce, Orchid Priestess of Destiny, Daughter of the Phoenix, Sound of the Fierce Flute, The Book of Changes and Weave the Future Golden. In other words, some heavy-hitting spiritual energy to help you bust through blockages, stay resolute, honor your own authority, act courageously and choose compassion—not exactly pursuits for the faint of heart!

Even if you’re not a fan of Asian art or familiar with Eastern spirituality, don’t let that keep you from acquiring the Kuan Yin Oracle…especially if you feel inexplicably drawn to it. I didn’t expect much when using it, only because I’ve associated Kuan Yin with “just” compassion and nurturing energy. By the skillful words of shaman priestess and spiritual alchemist Alana Fairchild, however, I’ve come to realize that the Mother Goddess is so much more than I assumed—and powerful beyond imagination. Om Shanti.

To see 13 more images from the Kuan Yin Oracle, click here.

-- Janet


I am feeling inexplicably drawn to this! Thanks Janet! It's going on my wish list.

Janet Boyer

I've heard this from SO many people since I posted my review, Don! In fact, Amanda Donnely felt the same way, bought the deck and is already working with it (with amazing results):

Thanks so much for stopping by; always great to see you. :o)


Janet, I also wanted to add that I purchased the, "Quan Yin Oracle" today. I was led by strong impulse to the Aura shop in Santa Monica, CA. I was at first going to purchase a set of, "ISIS Oracle Cards". But my right hand led me to Quan Yin, as I felt strong buzzing when I handled the box of her cards.Took the box home with a few other stone clusters. All which resonated with her energy.

This is where things got even more interesting. After clearing myself and the cards, I asked my question. Hadn't even shuffled completely and two cards had jumped out from the pile. Number 18 and 17 were the ones that jumped Then the one about the peacock. So you make a valid point, she is very strong and she definetely drives her points home. I initially asked about my health, but have been thinking about a situation where someone made me feel less than, and as a result I retreated and shut down my throat chakra. I can honestly tell you that I have been drawn to Quan Yin forever, so maybe that's why these cards felt like a thrilling fit.It is the first set of cards that calmed my energy. It was hard to explain. I'm sure you get what I'm trying to say :D

Btw, I have no doubt she led both my friend and I there. She managed to have my friend buy me a selenite cluster, and led me to buy a rose quartz piece & apricot agate piece. I really felt she was guiding me today ;D. Anyway the energy from her cards was soothing and calm. Love it :-). Keep up the good work and reviews! !! Just wanted to add my two cents.

Janet Boyer

How beautiful, Velvet! I have the ISIS Oracle and it's nothing like the Kuan Yin cards. You've chosen wisely. ;o) So glad to hear you've found a divine patron that encourages you in your path.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to share your experience! Hope to see you around more. :o)

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