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The Four Healers of Tarot

Technically, any card in a Tarot deck can contribute to healing.

However, I associate the Queens of Tarot with nurturing and supporting, so I view them as forms of Healers.

Each heals differently, and no one is more effective or preferred than the others. Yet, because two of them are feminine Queens (the Cups and Coins), those are often the most recognizable and lauded.

But the two masculine Queens, the Wands and the Swords, are just as powerful and needed.

How are they different?

Nurturer - Emoting (Berchta from the Snowland Deck)

The Queen of Cups nurtures emotions. Archetypes like the Caregiver, Mother, Lover, Angel, Samaritan, Servant, Martyr and Rescuer are connected with this queen. Ways of healing include soothing emotions, promoting peace, holding hands, running errands, talking on the phone, revealing past lives, Reiki, crystals, swimming with dolphins, therapeutic touch, channeling spirits and energy healing. These types can cross the line from hand up to hand out. When of the New Age persuasion, they can be Pollyanna space cadets. If Buddhist, cultivators of lovingkindness practice. The Queen of Cups as healer is akin to a Momma kissing boo boos to make the ouchies go away.

Examples: Amma (The Hugging Saint); Mother Theresa; Elizabeth Clare Prophet; Doreen Virtue; Sonia Choquette; Marianne Williamson; Denise Linn; Lucy Cavendish; Dr. Judith Orloff; Sharon Salzberg

Theme: All you need is love.

Love language: Acts of Service.

Nurturer - Mental (Hulda from the Snowland Deck)

The Queen of Swords confronts and exposes disempowering thoughts, stuck patterns, poor choices and ignorance. She heals through exposing shadows, piercing illusions, expanding perspectives, deconstructing fabrications, and applying reason. This queen can be impersonal, objective and analytical. Archetypes like Judge, Prophet, Teacher, Sage, Detective, Exorcist, Trickster, Wordsmith and Provocateur are connected with this queen. She is like a laser or scalpel, honing in on disease that needs cut out lest it spread and kill.

Examples: Caroline Myss; Louise Hay; Helena Blavatsky; Pema Chodron; Karen Armstrong; Joyce Meyer; Debbie Ford; Don Miguel Ruiz; Ken Wilber; Bryon Katie

Theme: The truth will set you free.

Love language: Words of Affirmation.

Nurturer - Energy (Lucia from the Snowland Deck)

The Queen of Wands heals through passion, advocacy, inspiration, creativity and energy. She cultivates authenticity through shaking up the status quo, defending the underdog, encouraging self-reliance, adding flair, revealing patterns, promoting strength, accessing intuition, going within, understanding myth and coloring with abandon. Warrior, Pioneer, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Creator/Destroyer, Networker, Rebel, Advocate, Liberator, Mystic, Artist, Storyteller and Alchemist are archetypes associated with this queen.

Examples: Annie Besant; SARK; Mary Anne Radmacher; Colette Baron-Reid; Clarissa Pinkola-Estes; Marion Woodman; Angeles Arrien; Karla McLaren; Brene Brown; Cyndi Dale; Anodea Judith; Joseph Campbell

Theme: To thine own Self be true.

Love language: Quality time.

The Queen of Coins heals through attending to the body, protecting the environment, advocating good nutrition, promoting prosperity, encouraging stress relief, sexual expression, ancestral veneration, rootwork, rituals and connecting with animals. Archetypes connected with the Queen of Coins include Coach, Craftsperson, Crone, Witch, Bon Vivant, Environmentalist, Yogini, Animal Whisperer, Gardener, Companion, Medicine Woman. She is like a warm blanket, hot bowl of soup, vigorous work out or helpful prescription.

Theme: The body is the temple of Spirit.

Love language: Physical Touch and Gifts.

Examples: Dr. Christiane Northrup; Crystal Andrus; Dr. Andrew Weil; Peggy McColl; Dr. Ruth; Nicki Scully; Margot Adler; Caitlin Matthews

See how all these queens are powerful healers in their own right?

What are your thoughts on the Queens as Healers? Agree or disagree with my archetypal connections? I’d love to hear your take!

Images from the Snowland Deck by Ron and Janet Boyer.

-- Janet


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