Celebratory Video Greetings from the Boyers!
Good Tarot Cards Gone Bad - 3 of Cups

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (of Tarot)

There are no bad cards in the Tarot, any more than there are any good ones.

This idea has been simmering in the back of my mind for a few years, and I've contemplated writing a book about it. Instead, I'm going to start two blog series:

Angel devil smallerWhen Good Cards Go Bad - This will be about the unicorn-pooping-rainbows cards that many Tarot enthusiasts assume are all nice and beneficial. I shall shoot these notions full of truth-bearing arrows.

Bad Cards, Bad Rap - Conversely, some think there are "bad" cards in the Tarot. Hell, some Tarot readers even remove them from the deck! ::passes out:: For these often maligned cards, I shall offer redemption. 

Look for the first blog post soon. Might even do a video post, come to think of it.

Any particular cards you want me to tackle first? I'm thinking of crashing the 3 of Cups party, myself...

-- Janet


Angie Turner

The Sun, The Sun! EVERYBODY wants to read this card as super positive all the time. Not necessarily so. :-)

Angie Turner

Also 9 of Swords and the bad rap it always gets. :-)

Janet Boyer

Ohhh, I was thinking of The Sun next, Angie! Good one...and you're abso right, girlfriend.

Janet Boyer

That is so true! I can use our Snowland Deck image to help illustrate that one (punk rocker snowman with the carrot mohawk). ;o)

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