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Commonly Confused Words Part 2

Writer Quirks (and Advice!) from Rachel Thompson

It's always lovely to run into a fellow smart-mouthed red head (yeah, yeah...I know I'm a blonde underneath!), especially one so big hearted and supportive of fellow writers (especially indies). 

RachelYou know who I'm talkin' about, right? None other than Rachel in the OC herself, Rachel Thompson! ::throws confetti, opens a bottle of vodka and passes the Nutella::

Rachel kindly answered my nosy questions about her writer quirks, and tossed in some great writing advice, to boot. Take it away, Rachel!

Thanks for asking me, sweet Janet!

 Okay, writing quirks:

1) I cannot write a thing without drinking coffee first thing in the morning.

2) I listen to moody music for inspiration when I write, primarily women. My favorites are Poe's HAUNTED, Fisher's WATER (stunning album BTW), Jonatha Brooke, Imogen Heap, Heart, Grace Potter, Tori Amos (Little Earthquakes), and the quieter songs by Sheryl Crow and Madonna. That's good for now. :)

3) I'm always in black. What. I lived in NYC. It's how I roll. Bright colors distract me.

4) I like all the blinds closed when I write. If it's rainy outside, I'm happy. Gloomy is good for my writing soul.

As for writing advice: trust your vision. lots of people will have lots to say about your writing, and I encourage you to be brave and show it (via guest posts, your own blog, sharing in critique groups, whatever). But ultimately your name goes on it. It's YOUR book. Be true to your vision.

Also, give yourself permission to write the hard stuff. Don't self-edit. Get in that headspace and just go. You're a grown up. Write like it.

Ohhh, another writer that likes gloom and rain! ^5

Gah, I need to work on that self-editing thing. Comes in handy for non-fiction writing but, geez, it sure is a pain in the ass when it comes to fiction writing. Le sigh. I'm working on it!

Thanks heaps, Rachel, for sharing your writing quirks and advice with us!

BrokenPieces 400Readers, Rachel is out with a brand new book called Broken Pieces. It's a raw, unflinching look into Rachel's soul and the effects of abuse. I'm about twenty pages into these essays and, admittedly, I had to put it down...only because I was feeling a bit raw, myself. When I'm stronger, I will pick it back up to read. The prose and authentic emotion is exquisite.

If you're more in the mood for snarktastic humor, check out Rachel's other bestselling books A Walk in the Snark and The Mancode: Exposed.

You can find Rachel on the web at rachelintheoc.com and 
BadRedheadMedia.com, as well as on Twitter (@RachelintheOC and @BadRedheadMedia).

-- Janet



Thanks SO much for asking me to participate in this fun meme. Writer quirks are interesting. I'm not sure we realize we have even have them til somebody asks!

Too much fun. Thank you also for your kind words about my new book. I'm truly honored.



Janet Boyer

You are most welcome, Rachel! Bless you for having the courage to write your newest book. (I've got some crazy writing quirks, myself. For example, I sometimes take 3-hour baths when pondering plot lines--draining the water when it gets tepid, then re-filling it with hot water...sometimes, three times!)


This was fun to read Janet! Both of you should move up here to Seattle to get your inspiration!! Gloomy all the time! I love your blog, popping in to say hello!! Lisa

Janet Boyer

Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words about my blog. :o)

OMG, can you BELIEVE that I was just saying to my little family "Man, I'd love to visit the Pacific Northwest sometime..." Teehee!

Take care! -- Janet

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