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How to Remove a Connection from LinkedIn

15 Reasons I’ll Never Follow You (or Unfollow You) on Twitter

Behold, a list of the obnoxious, stupid and/or boring acts you don't want to be caught doing if you want me to follow you on Twitter.

1. One or more of the following words are in your bio:

Twitter Hell NoGuru

2. You have an egg for a profile pic. (If I want to talk to an egg, I’d go to the supermarket).

3. Tweets are merely links to Facebook (If I wanted to read a Facebook post, I’d be there…not on Twitter).

4. Tweets are nothing but your horoscope (Who gives a shit about the Capricorn horoscope? I’m a Scorpio.)

5. Haven’t tweeted in weeks. (Why are you even on Twitter?)

6. Your tweets are RTs of other authors begging me to buy a book. (Bad enough if it’s you acting like a carnival barker for your book….let alone on behalf of the rest of the indie authors network.)

7. None of your tweets “@” anyone. You merely talk to yourself.

8. Obnoxious avatar (nudity, flashing neon, violent image, etc.)

9. You repeat the same tweets. As in, 5 or more times a day. (We got it the first time. We're not interested, K?)

10. Your tweets are game achievements. (Who cares that you’ve got an Agent Achievement in Mystery Manor Blitz. And what the hell does that even mean?)

11. Your bio contains misspellings. (You’re an “independant” author. OMG, really?)

12. Your bio IS IN ALL CAPS. (In case you didn’t know, that’s equivalent to shouting. Stop it.)

13. As soon as I follow you, I get an automated DM from your account. (Don’t do that.)

14. You use Twit Validation. (Why should I go through hoops to follow you?)

15. Possible dealbreaker - Any of these words in your bio:

Sports stuff
Self-Published Author

So, what about you? What are your Twitter pet peeves, turn-offs and reasons for unfollowing (or refusing to follow)?

-- Janet


Bobbie Alana's Spouse

Darn Janet -- and I liked your tarot connection to the BlogFlash2013 so I wanted to 'connect' -- guess we'll have to do it through Facebook because I see 'me' in several of your reasons for not following me on Twitter. The one that really cuts is the 'self-published author' -- tears of sadness run down my face as I type this. sniff sniff

Janet Boyer

Hi Bobbie!

I answer all "@" to me on Twitter. Just because I don't follow someone doesn't mean I won't reply to them. :o)

Plus, "self-published author" is a POSSIBLE dealbreaker...only because I've come across so many self-published authors who don't know how to use social media, and merely use Twitter (and other outlets) to obnoxiously push their books. Who wants to read that kind of marketing crap in their Twitter stream? Who would actually buy a BOOK because of it?

Not me.

My reasons to accept (or not accept) friends on FB is even more stringent, so... LOL ;o)

Bobbie Alana's Spouse

Oh well, we all have our reasons for doing what we do.  Guess Ill just have to keep reading your blog to know whats going on with you.  Keep up the good work.

Janet Boyer

Well, as I said, I answer all "@" on Twitter, as well as replies to my public notes on FB. I'm all over the web, really. Just because I don't follow someone doesn't mean I'm rude or won't interact. :o)

Bobbie Alana's Spouse

I hope my comments didn't imply I thought you are rude -- apologize if they did. I enjoy your blogs and interpreted your pic as a 'friendly face.'


I'm relatively new to the twitter universe and I wonder about folks who have a bazillion followers and also follow a bazillion people - are they just searching for more followers by following people and what is the correct twitter etiquette on following in that case? If someone is following me just to get a follow in return, are they really going to read/join in my posts? What are your thoughts on this?

Janet Boyer

"Friendly" is in the eye of the beholder... :o)


Hi Janet,

I recently unfollowed a woman who was just nasty to all who do not share her political views. Name calling nasty! Who needs that? Every single tweet was an insult to someone, except her tweets trying to sell website design. She also used the word guru in her profile : )

I also unfollowed a guy who tweets about every 30 seconds, including retweeting every single thing anyone else tweets, and sent me 3 direct messages in one day that each started with "You should..."

Janet Boyer

OMG, Debbie! What is WRONG with people? I mean, Twitter is a virtual cocktail party (at least, that's how *I* see it). Can you imagine people doing that to others in THAT kind of venue? Ick! Ack!

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