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5 Ways to Get on a Reviewer's Shit List

Authors, artists and deck creators, if you want to be a douchebag to reviewers, here's how to do it. Make no mistake, though: you'll be seen as a whiny-ass unprofessional, and likely damage your reputation. 

Wrong way1. Bug the hell out of me via email with "reminders"

2. Accost me on social media with hostile remarks

3. Have your spouse attack me when you get a 2-star review

4. Have your fans rush to Amazon to write 1-star reviews of MY books after I give your book or deck a 2-star review

5. Begin a slander campaign against me

The lesson, should you choose to learn it? Be nice to reviewers. They are volunteers, providing a service to consumers. Reviews aren't personal, especially when they come from an Hall of Fame Reviewer with over 1,200 reviews and 30,000 helpful votes. (By the way, hacks with an axe to grind aren't trusted, respected reviewers...they're trolls). 

-- Janet


Angie Turner

I discovered you through your Amazon reviews, Janet. They influenced many of my book and deck decisions. I knew that if you liked or disliked something, chances were pretty good that I'd feel the same way. Honest reviews are a hard thing to come by and I always appreciate them when I find them. Thanks for introducing me to some great material, and for saving me from the bad stuff. :-)

Janet Boyer

Why thanks, Angie. I'm amazed at how many people have "found" me because of my AMZN reviews! And you know, like I once said, even negative reviews are helpful, because what I *don't* like (and gives reasons for) may very well be a selling point for someone else. :o)

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