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A to Z Blogging Challenge 2013 - Archetypes

AZ BadgeBeginning April 1, 've decided to do the A to Z Blogging Challenge again this year! 

For 2013, I thought I'd blog on the them of Archetypes. Here's my A to Z list (I need help with U, X and Y!):

A - Archetypes
B - Bully and Coward
C - Creator
D - Damsel
E - Entrepreneur and Pioneer
F - Fool and Clown
G - God and Goddess
H - Hermit and Mystic
I - Inventor, Alchemist and Wizard
J - Joseph Campbell
K - Knight and Rescuer
L - Lover
M - Mother
N  - Nomad and Seeker
O - Orphan
P - Prophet and Visionary
Q - Queen
R - Rebel and Trickster
S - Storyteller
T - Teacher, Guide and Sage
U -  ?
V - Victim and Woundology
W - Warrior
X - ?
Y - ?
Z - Zodiac

So, any thgoughts of what I can blog about with U, X or Y? What post and archetypes are you most anticipating? Any questions or themes you'd like me to address? Feel free to comment and let me know!

-- Janet 


Julie Jordan Scott

I am naturally interested in Bully and Coward, since that pairing makes my radar flip on.... (are the bullied automatically, knee-jerk wise, considered to be cowards?) I'm truly just interested to know more - it isn't a judgment so I hope you don't take it that way!

Mother, Queen - the feminine ones intrigue me.

It is so funny how I keep seeing "culturally negative" as bad! Intriguing.

UNKNOWN keeps coming up for me under "U" but since I don't know very much about archetypes, I don't know if it fits.

Could Y be something like "Youth"?

I look forward to reading your A to Z posts!

Janet Boyer

You are very perceptive, Julie! Coward IS the flip side of Bully, always. The "toughness" of a Bully is entirely fake; he deflates once his gaggle of sycophants aren't looking or when someone stands up to him (or her). :o)

Unknown...hey, I have an idea! I can make a post called Unknown Archetypes: How to Discover Yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

Youth, and the quest for it, would fall under the Puer Eternis, the Eternal Child. Some say this is a permutation of The Fool, in fact. It's definitely a big enough archetype to merit its own post (Peter Pan! Michael Jackson!).

I appreciate you stopping by and posting, and I look forward to your future comments. I have a feeling you'll have some very insightful ones just like today! :o)

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