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Technology (Through the Eyes of Tarot) - Blog Flash 2013

Day-2-TechnologyI'm participating in author Terry Giuliano Long's Blog Flash 2013 for the month of March (every weekday), and today's prompt is about Technology. 

I'll probably do most of my posts through the lens of Tarot, but not necessarily.

There are three Tarot cards that come to mind when I hear the word technology: 8 of Wands (high speed communication), 6 of Swords ("science" in the Thoth tradition) and The Star (associated with Aquarius). 

To be honest, I don't get a squishy, cozy feeling when I think of technology, especially when it's connected with communication. Perhaps this is because I've been the recipient of cyberstalking, harrassment, slander and blacklisting--all via "technology" (the internet).

When we put those cards together, an interesting spread results:


UW Smaller103
Quick Messages
UW Smaller92
Via Science
UW Smaller36
Ushers in Aquarius Age


Of course, that's an idealistic interpretation of this spread, hinting at the beneficial aspects of the Age of Aquarius: brotherhood, equality, spiritual evolution, social justice and human potential.

The flip side?

With quick messages comes thoughtlessness and carelessness.

With technology comes instantaneous "groupthink", a hivemind that can turn toxic or dangerous very quickly.

With Aquarius, we have New Agers that are "too heavenly minded they're no earthly good" (7th Chakra), assuming they have some spiritual or moral right to be the judge of anyone and everyone without the balance of heart-centered compassion (4th Chakra), right speech/truthfulness (5th Chakra) or clear, objective vision (6th Chakra). All of this fueled by lower chakral fears like belonging/tribalism (1st Chakra), control issues/jealousy (2nd Chakra) or insecurity (3rd Chakra).

What about you, dear reader? What are your thoughts on technology--specifically, the internet and social media? What about Tarot cards connecting with technology? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

-- Janet


Bobbie Alana's Spouse

How interesting that your blogs are from the perspective of the Tarot. An interesting subject I know nothing about. I look forward to reading more. Bobbie -

Janet Boyer

Thanks so much, Bobbie! Since Tarot is one of my "things", I thought it might be interested to explore each Blog Flash topic through that lens. I appreciate you stopping by and writing me a note! :o)

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