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Excerpts from the Snowland Deck Companion Book

I'm hard at work finishing up the companion book to our Snowland Deck, and I thought I'd share a few card excerpts with you--Oracle (aka High Priestess) and Quester--Emoting (The Snowman, aka Knight of Cups).

(When you order the deck, you gain automatic entrance into the secret, password-protected Snowland Explorers blog where you'll be able to download the entire companion book in full-color digital format).


HPDescription: A mysterious igloo sits under a flashing Aurora Borealis. Six divination symbols surround the entrance: coins for the I Ching, cards for Tarot, a hand for Palmistry, Futhark stones for the Runes, a book for Bibliomancy and a pendulum for Dowsing. An eye representing Clairvoyance (“clear seeing”) gazes from the top middle. Inside, a crystal ball sits on top a table covered in a green cloth. A warm glow emanates from within. On top of the igloo flies a flag bearing the symbols of the Sun, Moon and Stars. (Note: The runes are Mannaz, meaning “human” and Perthro, meaning, “casting lots”, “chance”, “pawn”, “the unknowable”, “secret” and “fortunetelling”).

Keywords: Internal Guidance; Esoteric; Advanced Wisdom; Library; Bookstores; Sanctuary; Sacred Sites; Seeking Answers; Prophecy; Divination; Accessing Intuition; Hidden Knowledge; Know Thyself; Privacy; Secrecy

Intuitive Questions:

How does intuition guide me?

How do I best hear my Inner Voice?

Where is my spiritual sanctuary?

What is hidden that may need revealed?

What can I do to hone my innate psychic ability?

What will it take for me to “Know Thyself”?

How might I access advanced or esoteric wisdom?

Writing Prompts:

An opportunity to know everything

A crystal ball reveals something

A fortuneteller in an igloo

An all seeing eye records a clandestine event

A secret kept…and a secret divulged


I choose to know myself.

All answers are within.

My soul is my sanctuary.


Honed intuition nurtures the soul.

Quester - Emoting

Kn CDescription: In the story “The Snowman” by Hans Christian Andersen, a wise, old dog tells a snowman why he’s chained outside. One day, as the dog was eating a bone, the child of the house took it from him. “A bone for a bone”, he figured, and bit the child’s leg. From then on, he was chained outside. The dog told the snowman about the warm stove, remembering how lovely it was to crawl under when it was cold outside. He urged the snowman to see for himself “you’ll be able to see it from where you stand”, and the snowman began to suffer from “stove yearning”. He gazed at her through the window—he concluded she must be a female—and exclaimed, “It’s more than I can bear! See how beautiful she is when she sticks out her tongue!” It became warmer and the snowman became smaller, but he didn’t utter a complaint (Andersen notes this was a “telling sign”, implying that his unrequited love caused hopeless resignation). One morning, the snowman fell apart, and his head rolled away. The dog noticed a poker sticking out the top. “It was what the boys had used to help hold the snowman together and make him stand upright. ‘Now I understand why he longed for the stove’, said the old watchdog. ‘That’s the old poker he had inside him. No wonder.’” The implication being that the stove tool inside the snowman caused him to yearn for the stove. As is the case with many Andersen stories, “The Snowman” ends on a sad note. The snowman melts away, little girls sing a song celebrating Spring “And no one thought about the snowman.” (From Hans Christian Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories, translated from the Danish by Erik Christian Haugaard).

Keywords: Infatuation; Adoration; Unrequited Love; Fervency; Ardent Affection; Yearning; Admiring from a Distance; Knight in Shining Armor; Romanticism; “Puppy Love”

Intuitive Questions:

When was the last time I felt infatuated?

What am I yearning for?

What do I tend to romanticize?

What consumes my attention?

Who is worthy of adoration?

In what way am I feeling “on the outside looking in”?

What unrequited desire needs examined?

Writing Prompts:

Re-write the ending of “The Snowman”

A dog will do anything to get his bone

A furnace burns with unusual fire

Tell the story of Romeo and Juliet in a new way

Use the following words in a story or poem: Stove; Dog; Rug; Snowman; Poker


My expectations for love are realistic.

What I admire in others, I look for in myself.

When I love someone, I tell them.

Secret: If you can’t have what you want, then want what you have.

-- Janet


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