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Snowland Deck Companion Now Available

Snowland Cover Glowing 450I've finally finished the companion book to our Snowland Deck, and I'm pleased to tell you that it's now available on Smashwords at this link (it will be available for Kindle shortly). 

NOTE: There are no images in the Snowland Deck companion book, because the file was too big for Smashwords and Kindle. However, all cards are described, so you don't need to own the deck to benefit from the Keywords, Intuitive Questions, Writing Prompts and Affirmations. 

At over 18,000 words, the Snowland Deck Companion includes:

• Introduction
• For each card:
     7 Intuitive Questions (546 total)
    5 Writing Prompts (390 total)
     3 Affirmations (234 total)
• Janet's 7 Clue Method for Learning ANY Deck
• Seven Original Snowland Spreads (Can Be Used with ANY Deck)
        Snowland Hermit Spread
Snowland Removal Spread
Snowland Teaching Spread
Snowland Mother Nature Spread
Snowland Ice Dragon Spread
Snowland Oracle Spread
Snowland Open Mind Spread
• Resources

What is not included in the Snowland Deck Companion (in addition to full-color images, which is available in digital format when you purchase the Snowland Deck from our site here) is information on my special Signficator "Soul GPS" System. You can only get that exclusive information when you actually purchase a deck. 


-- Janet


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