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BIT Tarot Snapshot - Sint Anna ter Muiden Church

This lovely photo of Sint Anna ter Muiden Church in the Netherlands was taken by Marc Ryckaert


What Tarot card would you associate with this image?

Before I realized it was a church, my first thought was The Emperor. Square, tall, phallic...Trump IV. But when I discovered it was a church, my mind went to Trump V, The Hierophant.

Notice the gate is open; The Emperor never leaves gates open. He likes to be fenced in (for protection) and fence in others (for control).

And yet, this building doesn't give off the harsh, clinical, sanctimonious vibe I often get with the stuffy, moralistic Hierophant.

In fact, look at all the lush vegetation surrounding the building. It reminds me of The Empress! Nothing softens the harsh edges of The Emperor like The Empress.

There is a calming, contemplative, even cheerful mood about this picture. Maybe it's the sun or the fluffy clouds. Too bright to be The Hermit, and too dynamic to be the 4 of Swords.

Well! This one wasn't as easy as I first supposed!

What Tarot card would you associate with this image? Why?

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-- Janet


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