10 Reasons Your Life Might Suck
Writers and the Magpie Syndrome


Michelle Bowser

This video is fun. I remember seeing it on VH1's pop-up video years ago, where they pop up little thought bubbles of facts and trivia throughout. Somewhere along the line in this vid, they pointed out the "medieval power line" in the background. LOL

Janet Boyer

HAHAHA! Gotta love anachronisms. I loved Pop Up Videos; so fascinating!

Amanda Donnelly

You didn't have MTV in the 80s? Wow! They actually played music videos then. By the way, it is snowing (and sticking) in Denver today. Happy Beltane!

Janet Boyer

My Dad worked three jobs to support our family (butcher, cop and security guard), so cable TV was a luxury we couldn't afford. Besides, growing up fundie, I wouldn't have been allowed to watch it, anyway (although I did get some sneak peeks at school when the science teacher allowed us to watch it sometimes).

I can't believe you guys are still getting snow! Is that unusual for your area?

Amanda Donnelly

Oh yeah we lived way out in the country so I was like 10 or 11 before we got a satellite, and it was HUUUGE and a big luxury item that we were constantly reminded was not a right to have. I probably would not have been allowed to watch MTV but I was on my own a lot and I faithfully turned it back to The Weather Channel whenever I was done. Don't ask, don't tell.

I brought my oldest, who turns 18 on Sunday, home from the hospital in a blizzard. We usually do have a freak snowstorm in April or May, but we have had one every week for the last 6. I am saying we had a nice long fall and winter has finally arrived. Oh yeah, it was 80 degrees yesterday and I was wearing a sun dress. I love this crazy state.

Janet Boyer

OMG, you can still see huge satellite dish fossils when cruising down some of the back roads! Ah, rural life...

Holy crap, it was 80 there yesterday?! We get some pretty wild variations here, too--one day, it's 35, the next, it's 65--but certainly no 80s to snow that quick.

Happy birthday to your little big man! I can't believe Noah will reach that age a mere 3 years 5 months (but who's counting?).

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