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Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Tarot?

How well do you know the Tarot?

Tarot Q

Test your Tarot knowledge with the quiz I created below (and no Googling!).

Good luck! (And let me know how you did in the comments section). Want to see more quizzes? Let me know that, too!

-- Janet


Kirsten Weiss

Hm... Not as well as I thought!

Janet Boyer

But you had fun, right? ;o)


I got 80% (missed two). I missed Etteilla and the snail on the 9 of Pentacles. :-D That was interesting and challenging!

Janet Boyer

Hey, that's not bad! :o)

Lisa Frideborg

10 out of 10 woohoo!

Janet Boyer

Woohoo! Go, Lisa! ;o)

Angie Turner

Sweet action! 10 outta 10. Where's my cookie? :-)

Janet Boyer

::gives Angie a freshly baked M&M cookie::

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