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A decade ago, Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone (The Tarot School) came out with a neat little book called Tarot Tips. One tip that especially intrigued me was Tip #30: Secret Paths.

Of Secret Paths, they write:

“I’m going to share a secret technique with you. It’s one that I have discovered that adds a whole new dimension to your readings. It’s called the Secret Path.

Essentially, a secret path is a connection between two or more cards. This connection can be obvious or mysterious. You can use this technique in any reading where you would like more information than what is readily apparent. If you really know your deck well and can do this in your head, you can amaze your friends and clients by pulling this information seemingly out of nowhere.

It works like this:

Choose a card (whichever one you like) and find another card in the deck that shares a visual, esoteric, interpretive, or intuitive connection with it. This second card will have an additional or clarifying message to add to the reading.”

Tarot TipsI’ve never tried the Secret Paths method with an actual reading, but when we were creating our Snowland Tarot, I knew I wanted to devise a chart of Visual Secret Paths to pass on to readers via the companion book to the deck. Over the past few days, I’ve added over 30 Visual Secret Paths to my list; there’s almost 100 catalogued here.

I chose not to include the Snowland Tarot Secret Paths in my Snowland Deck companion book, but decided, instead, to share it here. Note that this is only the key to the Visual Secret Paths of the Snowland Tarot, not the Esoteric, Interpretative or Intuitive Paths. (I may share those at a later time.)

If you’d like to go on your own treasure hunt through the images in our Facebook fan page album in case I missed any correlations—or you discover some new ones—click here. Feel free to comment here or email your findings to me so I can add them!

Snowlanders, if you try the Visual Secret Path with your deck, I’d love to hear about it (or you can share your readings in the secret Snowland Explorers blog). Don’t yet have your own deck? Click here to find out how you can get your very own copy.

Without further ado, here are most of the Visual Secret Paths of the Snowland Tarot. I’ve decided to keep out Paths that are too numerous because of the snowy subject matter (e.g. hats, snowflakes, trees, gloves, scarves and stars—although I have them catalogued, too), but have elected to keep a few that are also numerous (tables, windows, icicles, belts, beards, etc.)

Note: these Visual Secret Paths are in no particular order.

Rabbit MontageLantern: The Train; The Hermit

Feather: Justice; Nurturer – Mental (Hulda); 10 Mental; Director – Energy (Charles Dickens); Mother Nature; 2 Mental

Dog: Beginnings; Chains; 4 Energy; Youth – Mental (Jack Frost); Quester – Material (Balto); Quester – Emoting (The Snowman)

Wolf: 9 Mental; 3 Mental; 10 Material

Grapes: Mother Nature; 9 Material

Snowball: The Carousel; 5 Energy; 10 Material; 3 Material

Cane: The Hermit; The Sun; Director – Energy (Charles Dickens); Director – Material (Ebenezer Scrooge); 9 Energy

Diamond: 8 Mental; Director – Mental (S.A. Andree); Commitment; 8 Energy; Chains

Rabbit: Mother Nature; Nurturer – Mental (Hulda); The Carousel; Teaching

Beginnings; Temperance

Polar Bear: Strength; The Carousel

Bear: The Sun; Teaching

Monkey: The Carousel; 3 Emoting; 10 Material

Long Tie: Nurturer – Material (Snowflake Bentley); 6 Mental; 4 Emoting

Door: 6 Mental; 4 Energy; Director – Material (Ebenezer Scrooge); Youth – Material (Tomten)

Heart MontageFruit: 7 Material; 3 Emoting; Ace Emoting; Ace Material; Mother Nature

Scale: 4 Material; Justice

Belt: The Magician; The Hermit; Nurturer – Emoting (Berchta); 7 Mental; Temperance; Nurturer – Energy (Lucia); 10 Energy; 3 Energy; Director – Emoting (Father Christmas)

Spider Web: 8 Material; 2 Mental

Beverage: 2 Emoting; 3 Emoting; Ace Emoting; 2 Mental; 8 Emoting; 10 Material; 9 Mental

Lamppost: 4 Energy; 4 Material

Balloons: Ace Mental; Director – Mental (S. A. Andree); 2 Mental

Moon: 4 Mental; Moon; 7 Mental; The Magician; Oracle

Cardinal: Ace Emoting; Beginnings; 10 Emoting

Bluejay: Impermanence; Beginnings

Basket: Mother Nature; Director – Mental (S. A. Andree); Director – Emoting (Father Christmas)

Tree Stump: Teaching; 3 Mental

Lock and Key: Chains; 4 Emoting; 4 Material

Chair: 8 Emoting; Ace Emoting; The Commander

Reaching Beyond a Frame: 4 Emoting; 5 Material

Sunglasses: Inversion; The Sun; 8 Emoting; 10 Material; Removal

Sunglasses Montage 2Eyeglasses: The Magician; 4 Emoting; 10 Emoting; Teaching; 6 Mental; 4 Material

Wood Pile: Ace Energy; 2 Emoting

Church: 4 Energy; 5 Material

Goggles: 5 Mental; 8 Emoting

Pitchfork: Youth – Material (Tomten); Chains

Straw: Chains; 3 Emoting; 2 Mental; Ace Emoting; 10 Material; 8 Emoting; Youth – Material (Tomten); 9 Mental

Car: Temperance; 4 Energy; 6 Emoting

Helmet: The Stars; 5 Mental; Quester – Mental (Uller)

Skates: Strength; 5 Mental

Horn: 2 Energy; Calling; 10 Energy; The Commander; Director – Emoting (Father Christmas)

Northern Lights: The Hermit; The Oracle; The Magician; Quester – Mental (Uller)

Heart: Justice; 5 Emoting; Quester – Emoting (The Snowman)

Sled: Beginnings; Quester – Material (Balto)

Kerchief: Ace Energy; 8 Energy; Youth – Material (Tomten)

Lightning: The Commander; Removal; The Magician

Barn: Chains; Youth – Material (Tomten)

Backpacks: 9 Energy; 10 Energy

Coin: Oracle; 6 Material; 4 Material; Director – Material (Ebenezer Scrooge)

Robe: The Hermit; Nurturing – Mental (Hulda); The Magician; Calling; 3 Energy; 10 Emoting

Pointy Hat: 2 Mental; The Magician, Youth – Material (Tomten)

Spider MontageBall: 8 Emoting; 2 Material; Director – Emoting (Father Christmas)

Shoulder Strap: Director – Emoting (Father Christmas); 3 Energy

Inkwell: 10 Mental; 4 Material; Director – Energy (Charles Dickens)

Blades: Quester – Mental (Uller); 10 Mental

Flag: Quester – Energy (Sir Hubert Wilkins); Oracle; 10 Energy; Removal

Harness: Quester – Material (Balto); The Stars; 8 Energy

Boat: 8 Emoting; 3 Eenrgy

Single Eye: The Oracle; Nurturer – Energy (Lucia)

Camera: Quester – Energy (Sir Hubert Wilkins); Nurturer – Material (Snowflake Bentley)

Penguin: Quester – Energy (Sir Hubert Wilkins); 3 Emoting

Boots: Quester – Mental (Uller); Temperance; 7 Mental; 4 Mental; 3 Material; 7 Energy; Inversion

Fin MontageLight Bulb: 7 Emoting; 9 Mental; The Sun; The Carousel

Ring: Commitment; 9 Material; 7 Emoting; 8 Emoting; 4 Emoting

Doll: Director – Emoting (Father Christmas); 8 Mental

Bee: Mother Nature; 9 Mental

Spider: 8 Material; 2 Mental

Red Brick: The Train; 7 Mental

Fin: The Moon; 8 Emoting; 4 Mental

Fence Post: 4 Energy; 6 Emoting; Director – Emoting (Father Christmas)

Tire: Temperance; 6 Emoting; 4 Energy

Wheel: 10 Energy; Nurturer – Mental (Hulda); The Train; Director – Material (Ebenezer Scrooge)

Electrical Cord: The Sun; 3 Energy

Cup: 10 Emoting; 2 Emoting; 9 Mental; 5 Material

Snow Globe: The World; 7 Emoting

Droplet: 8 Material; 5 Emoting; Youth – Emoting (The Snowdrop); The Commander

Parchment Paper: The Commander; 10 Mental; 4 Material; Director – Energy (Charles Dickens); Quester – Material (Balto)

Confetti: The World; 6 Energy

Chimney: 6 Emoting; Temperance; 4 Energy; Director – Energy (Charles Dickens); Nurturer – Mental (Hulda); Director – Material (Ebenezer Scrooge)

Moustache: 8 Mental; Ace Emoting; Director – Mental (S. A. Andree); The Commander; 10 Material; Nurturer – Material (Snowflake Bentley)

Beard: 8 Energy; 9 Energy; 3 Material; 10 Material; 7 Energy; The Magician; Youth – Material (Tomten); Quester – Energy (Sir Hubert Wilkins); Director – Emoting (Father Christmas); Quester – Mental (Uller)

Grape MontageFootprint: 7 Mental; 4 Energy; 5 Energy; 5 Emoting; 3 Mental; 9 Mental; 8 Emoting; 6 Mental; Temperance; Director – Material (Ebenezer Scrooge); Director – Emoting (Father Christmas)

Single Flame: Nurturer – Energy (Lucia); Ace Energy; 4 Material; 9 Material; Youth – Energy (Little Match Girl); 7 Material; 6 Mental; The Sun

Fire: 2 Emoting; 10 Mental; Quester – Emoting (The Snowman)

Bags/Pouches – Temperance; Ace Energy; 7 Mental; 8 Energy; Director – Mental (S. A. Andree); 4 Material

Yellow Flowers: The Sun; Quester – Energy (Lucia); 8 Emoting; Nurturer – Emoting (Berchta); Mother Nature

White Flowers: Temperance; Youth – Emoting (The Snowdrop); Mother Nature

Purple Flowers: 3 Emoting; 8 Emoting; Nurturer – Emoting (Berchta); Mother Nature

Leaves: Youth – Mental (Jack Frost); 7 Material; 5 Material; Temperance; Mother Nature; Youth – Emoting (The Snowdrop); Nurturer – Emoting (Berchta); 8 Emoting; 10 Mental; 7 Mental

Rope: Chains; Director – Mental (S. A. Andree); 7 Energy; 10 Energy; Beginnings; Youth – Material (Tomten); The Hermit; 7 Mental

Wings: Temperance; Calling; Impermanence; Ace Emoting; 10 Emoting; 7 Material; 10 Material; 2 Mental; Teaching

House: 4 Energy; Nurturer – Mental (Hulda); Youth – Mental (Jack Frost); 10 Material; 7 Mental; Director – Material (Ebenezer Scrooge); 6 Energy

Ribbon MontageRibbon: Strength; Director – Emoting (Father Christmas); Teaching; 6 Energy; Nurturer – Energy (Lucia); The Commander; 6 Material

Bow: Director – Energy (Charles Dickens); Beginnings; 6 Material; 8 Mental; Youth – Emoting (The Snowdrop); Director – Material (Ebenezer Scrooge); Youth – Energy (Little Match Girl); Quester – Mental (Uller)

Necklace: 5 Emoting; Nurturer – Emoting (Berchta); Nurturer – Mental (Hulda); 9 Material; 10 Energy; Mother Nature; 10 Material

Book: The Hermit; Teaching; 10 Emoting; 4 Material; Director – Energy (Charles Dickens); 8 Emoting; The Oracle; 9 Mental; 6 Mental; 6 Emoting; 4 Material

Window: 8 Mental; Youth – Mental (Jack Frost); Quester – Emoting (The Snowman); 10 Emoting; 5 Material; Temperance; 7 Mental; 10 Material; 9 Mental; Removal; Director – Material (Ebenezer Scrooge); Nurturer – Mental (Hulda); 4 Energy; 4 Emoting; 6 Energy

Icicle: Ace Mental; Nurturer – Emoting (Berchta); 7 Mental; Chains; 4 Emoting; The Commander; Director – Material (Ebenezer Scrooge); The Train; 7 Material

Table: 2 Emoting; 8 Mental; 9 Emoting; 2 Mental; Ace Emoting; 10 Emoting; 10 Mental; 8 Emoting; Director – Energy (Charles Dickens); The Oracle; Youth – Energy (Little Match Girl)

-- Janet


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