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Here are three sneak peeks from the Tarot Guild of Australia's newest issue Autumn 2013 (they're in the Southern Hemisphere, hence Autumn instead of Spring). 

Aus Mag 3 Aus Mag Aus Mag 2

I wrote a 4-page article about our Snowland Deck's Energy suit (aka Fire/Wands), and our snowy owl (Teacher) helped inspire and guide the wonderful editor, Mordreth. Also, our Magician card graced the back of the magazine among other fine renditions from various decks.

Mag cover smallI have a copy of their LAST issue and now, this issue, and I have to say...it's the best Tarot magazine I've come across. (I wish we had a reputable, thriving Tarot organization in America that not only boasts professionalism and inclusivity--as the Australian Tarot Guild does--but also a kick-ass magazine, to boot).

You can subscribe no matter WHERE you live at their website here.

(Yeah, isn't it ironic that a Tarot organization half a world away wanted to showcase our Snowland Deck...while the American Tarot Association under the Stephanie Arwen Lynch regime has told the Editor of the ATA Quarterly, Elizabeth Hazel, that she is NOT to review--or assign for review--ANYTHING written or created by me for ANY ATA publication. Just out of personal dislike, mind you. Censorship, anyone?)

Onward to more positive things! The Australian Tarot Guild is also hosting a rather rare International Conference August 9-13, 2013 (click here for more information). American presenters include Mary K. Greer, Amber Jayanti and Rachel Pollack, with Caitlin Matthews hailing from the UK. 

-- Janet


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