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Naked tarot skull smallerI'm hard at work on my upcoming book Naked Tarot, which will include a card-specific spread and sample reading after each chapter. Ever since I put out a call on my book's Facebook page, volunteers are lining up to get readings. (If you'd like to be included, it's not too late; just "like" my book's page and send me a message--or feel free to email).

Some of the readings are so extensive, I can't include the entire reading in my book.

So I thought I'd share a sample reading from Naked Tarot--specifically, The Magician Spread--that I did with my friend and colleague Michael Banuelos (, who was very brave to tackle this spread (and gave me permission to share here). 

The Magician Spread from Naked Tarot

1. Where am I deceiving myself?
2. How do I bullshit others?
3. What talent needs more focus?
4. What skill am I abusing?
5. How can I make magic?

Michael's Reading with The Magician Spread
(Using the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot)

Michael Reading smaller
1. Where am I deceiving myself?

Zombi - Sacrifice - The Hanged Man

Michael: This card speaks to me of potential. I deceive myself of potential. I know what I am capable of, I know what I can do and yet I seem to allow at times outward situations and experiences rule over me and I allow old patterns to set in and even though I have many opportunities to get ahead, I always find that one thing that I have to give up in order to stay where I am. So where am I deceiving myself? Facing the mirror right now.. I can truly say that while I make sacrifices and it seems that I do it for others to assist, I also do it because I am scared of what being fully embodied may mean. This card reminds me a lot of my life lately. My Dog died in my arms not that long ago, well it feels like it wasn’t that long ago, maybe a month? I knew he was going to die, I just had this knowing but didn’t want to face it and then it happened. Before he died though I started to give up. I started to let go of what I was doing, didn’t exercise as regular, didn’t do the uplifting things that I regularly do, I just let old patterns settle in.

And that’s kind of where I’m at. Not going one way or the other. I am making excuses when there is no excuse. I am just afraid of succeeding. Thinking I have to give something up that I don’t want to give up may be the ultimate deceit and what cheats me out of moving forward. Hmm…

2. How do I bullshit others?

Santeria - Earth - Oya (equivalent to 3 of Earth/Coins)

Michael: This reminds me a lot of the Tower Card. Oya Mother of Storms. Hmm… “A primary attribute of Oya is tearing or a wrenching movement between worlds. As do the Guedehs and Brigitte, she stands between the worlds, although her movement between them has a more wrenching or tearing quality.”

This is actually very challenging to see lol. Shit! Making me face what I already know  So I guess with this being about how I bullshit others I can see where this talks about how easy it is for me to tap into other peoples energies. I can connect with people on a very raw and emotional level even without them realizing it. So I can bullshit with others by really toying with their emotions or with their vulnerabilities. That sounds horrible but at times when you want to deflect awareness of yourself; it’s easy to allow them to see this trait in you so that they automatically start communicating. This one is a little rough for me to put into words. I guess you can say that I change often, my ideas or my words or perceptions and so I shift focus depending on who I speak with...

3. What talent needs more focus?

World Egg – Beginnings – The Fool

“The World Egg, embodying the leap from nonbeing to being, is eternally present as the first step of all that would manifest. This card shows the Great Snake coiled within the fastness of the void, holding the World Egg within its mouth. Birth has taken place, and the eg is protected and carried by the mouth of the snake. This refers to the creative powers of the Word. The Word, or rhythmic sound, defines and thus shapes the World.”

Michael: I need to focus on creating the Physical Body that I desire but from a different standpoint. I need to focus on the Spirit. I have a voice and I have things I like to express and get out into the world to help others to assist them in their learning and I need to focus more so on connecting with people and being able to communicate better but also to embrace that Lighthearted essence and allow all ideas and all thoughts of true desire to be birthed into my reality and for me to truly embrace the moment.

Janet: Also, the Fool/Egg is "baby steps", as well as not overthinking things or entering into new situations "with baggage" (expectations/assumptions). One way to overcome the Hanged Man may very well be to take those baby steps, one right after the other. Also, Fools TRUST.

Michael:  Yes.. .Let go, breathe in and just do it lol. I've started some things.. so good to know I need to keep at it.

3. What skill am I abusing?

Courir Le Mardi Gras – Uncontrolled Energy – The Devil

“Attributes of this card include the material taken to its conclusion, pushed to its limits and beyond. This is the point at which the material turns in upon itself in a burning fury. This is the meaning of Carnival (farewell to flesh). Flesh, or the material, is taken to its extreme and explodes in a brilliant display of sacred frenzy.”

Michael: I think this talks about pushing everything I know to the limit. Taking my body and maxing it out. Taking my current spiritual practice and truly maxing it out. This talks about me really riding the edge, very good at pushing past the boundaries that are set in place. I tend to go as far as I can in everything I do and don’t really contemplate anything else, just knowing I can indeed take it to the next level regardless of the effect. Not always the best thing to do.

Janet: Ah, the ol' "too much is never enough" adage. I relate! You swing between impetuousness, overdoing it, then getting hung up...and doing nothing. Yes?

Michael: omg lol yes all the time

5. How can I make magic?

Couche – Internal Inspiration – The Hermit

“The aspect of this card is that of a womblike room filled with those who await birth into a new life. They lie in a fetal position on their mats. Life depends on life, so they are sustained by the slaughtered and sacrificed animals at their feet. The attributes of this card center on sanctuary, the maintenance of a safe space for ritual growth.”

Michael: I need to embrace all that I am. The Hermit is my card and this comes from within. I need to retreat for a while. In order for me to make magic I must be born again into this world. I must take the journey that has been laid before me and look within for the answers, retreat into the universal womb and be at one with its purity, with its knowledge and come out when the time is right to be born again and when that happens, magic will be released, experienced and created.

Janet: And, it can indicate sequestering yourself away from people (mentally, digitally, etc.) so you can really hear your own voice and what YOU want. Sometimes, chameleons get so lost in the camouflage of others, that they forget what they "look" like at core.

Michael: Hmm.. Absolutely! unplug

So, dear readers, here's yet another sneak peek from my upcoming book Naked Tarot. If you choose to use The Magician Spread, I'd love to hear of your experience! Feel free to comment here or shoot me an email. 

I hope you like what you see so far!

-- Janet


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