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Snowland Deck Christmas in July Special

We're having a Christmas in July sale on our Snowland Deck...the lowest price it will ever be. 

Xmas July 600
Click here to go to the special sale page. Enjoy! 

-- Janet

Snowland Justice Spread

Experiencing injustice of any sort can be so frustrating and aggravating! Unfortunately, no one said that this life was going to be fair, or that anyone is obligated to treat us even-handedly.

However, for those times you do feel as if some wrong has been done to you—or that you feel life is just so unfair—here’s a spread I devised to help you navigate through those confusing (and sometimes painful) times.

Snowland Justice Spread
As I was creating the Snowland Justice Spread, I realized that Cards 2-5 correspond to the four elements and, thus, the four special Signficator Cards that came with your Snowland Deck. So before you shuffle and draw cards from your deck, get out your four Signficator Cards. Place the Snowball in position 2 (since it governs feelings/emotions), the Snowflake in position 3 (since it governs issues of how we see ourselves—in addition to passion), the Icicle in position 4 (since it governs thoughts, attitudes and beliefs) and the Cube in position 5 (since it governs earthly matters, in including our humanness). 

  1. Scales —What do I need to know about this injustice/unfairness/imbalance?
  2. Heart – What is my heart/feelings telling me?
  3. Snowflake – How is this situation affecting my sense of Self?
  4. Feather – What attitude/thought/belief is contributing to my discomfort?
  5. Cracked Statue – What does this circumstance show me about being human?
  6. Scales Redux – What do I need to know/do to bring myself back into balance?

If you draw an Emoting card for Position 2, an Energy card for position 3, a Mental card for Position 4 or a Material card for Position 5, the power of that position is DOUBLED—so pay extra attention to it. If a Life Theme Card (aka Major Arcana card) comes up for either or both of the Scales (position 1 and 6), realize that you’re dealing with an archetypal life theme issue that has likely visited (plagued?) you before…and will likely do so again in the future. In this case, draw a SEVENTH card—a Hidden Insight from Spirit Card—to give you additional advice on how to understand this recurring pattern on a deeper level. 

If you try the Snowland Justice Spread out, do let me know how it works out for you! Don't have your own Snowland  Deck yet? Visit to find out how you can get your very own copy.

-- Janet

The Four Significator Cards of the Snowland Deck (Soul GPS)

If you've followed my work for any length of time, you know I'm not a fan of traditional Significators (and why). Click here to read my blog post for more information.

So I asked Ron to paint four extra Signficator cards for our Snowland Deck not only so readers don't have to pull out actual Tarot cards (and effectively take them "out of play" for a reading), but also to get a "fix" on a querent's state of mind.

My Soul GPS System, as I call it, can be used whether a querent tells you the topic of the reading...or just says "I just want a general reading". You can, of course, use it for yourself, too.

Lay out the four Signficator cards. They are:

  Snowflake 200 Icicle

Cube Snowball

You can choose to disclose to the querent what their chosen Significator means, or just keep it to yourself as the Tarot reading proceeds. 

Here's what the querent feels and needs for each card:


Themes: Energy, Intuition, Creativity

Focus: Encouragement of Individuality

Querent Feels: Stifled; Angsty; Lacking Purpose; Bland; Anticipatory; "What next?"

Querent Needs: Creative Outlet; Freedom; Purpose; Confidence; Growth; Variety; Branching Out; Boldness; Action; Movement; Spontanaeity

Recommended Approach to Reading: Enthusiastic "Cheerleading"


Themes: Mental, Thinking, Communicating

Focus: Piercing Insights

Querent Feels: Confused; Paralyzed; Overwhelmed; Scattered; Indecisive

Querent Needs: Clarity; Focus; Precision; Clear Communication; Selection

Recommended Approach to Reading: Pointed, Specific Suggestions

Ice Cube

Themes: Material, Physical, Survival

Focus: Assurance of Abundance

Querent Feels: Unstable; Poor; Lacking; Adrift; Hungry; Impoverished; Desperate; Ill; Scarcity Mindset

Querent Needs: Stability; Grounding; Provision; Gratitude; Structure; Organization

Recommended Approach to Reading: Practical Advice for Getting Needs Met (Possible Referral to Governmental or Charitable Agencies)


Themes: Feeling, Emoting, Connecting

Focus: Emotional Support

Querent Feels: Vulnerable; Lonely; Disconnected; Hurt; Needy; Low "Love Tank" Level

Querent Needs: Companionship; Friendship; Kindness; Comfort; Someone to Speak His/Her "Love Language"

Recommend Approach to Reading: Gentle. Use "Kid Gloves" and Choose Words Carefully

I've used this Soul GPS on myself and with Noah (our 14 year old). Each time, it's been eerily accurate. Below is Noah and me discussing this Signficator system (he asked me if I was the CIA!).

If you have any questions about the Significator Cards or my Soul GPS system, don't hesitate to ask. Would love to hear how it works for you, too! (To find our more about our deck, including getting your very own copy, visit

-- Janet

The Emperor Tarot Card eBook

I'm happy to announce that the fifth installment in my Tarot Explorations Card-by-Card series is now available!

At over 3,000 words, The Emperor eBook provides:

Explorations Emperor 400• Phrases and Keywords

• People and Archetypes

• Characters, TV and Movies

• Places, Objects and Actions

• Quotes

• Songs

• Extensive Symbolism (Number 4, Throne, Ram, Armor, Scepter, White Hair, Beard, Shoulder Shawl, Colors, etc.)

• Esoteric Correspondences

• Investigating with the 7 Clue Method

• 5 Affirmations

• 7 Journaling Questions

• Emperor Spread with placements and image (created just for this eBook!)

• Essay on The Empress and Emperor in the Garden

• Bonus Empress and Emperor in the Garden Spread

• Light/Shadow Continuum and Reversals

• Link to special Pinterest board featuring images of the Emperor from over 25 Tarot decks, curated by the author

The other Tarot eBooks in the Card-by-Card series: The FoolThe MagicianThe High Priestess and  The Empress. Click here to view The Emperor on

-- Janet


Free Snowland Deck Readings

I'm pleased to announce that Ron and I have teamed up with Ann Murkett and Annikin Divination Systems to provide you with free intuitive readings! That's right: you can take our innovative Snowland Deck out for a spin as many times as you want at (click here to go to our deck page for your free reading). 

Annikin Snap

You can pick from dozens of different spreads for a reading, or just go through our deck card-by-card to view the image and get direct wisdom (excerpted from my Snowland Deck Companion book). 

To get your very own hard copy of our deck (which includes the four extra significator cards, a digital copy of the companion book and a custom-made bag), visit

-- Janet

Escaping Impermanence

I read this portion about impermanence in Pema Chodron's book Comfortable with Uncertainty. It reminded me of why we chose to portray Tarot's Death card as Impermanence in our Snowland Deck:

Impermanence Cropped 400"We know that all is impermanent; we know that everything wears out. Although we can buy this truth intellectually, emotionally we have a deep-rooted aversion to it. We want permanence; we expect permanence. Our natural tendency is to seek security; we believe we can find it. We experience impermanence at the everyday level as frustration. We use our daily activity as a shield against the fundamental ambiguity of our situation, expending tremendous energy trying to ward off impermanence and death. We don’t like it that our bodies change shape. We don’t like that we age. We are afraid of wrinkles and sagging skin. We use health products as if we actually believe that our skin, our hair, our eyes and teeth, might somehow escape the truth of impermanence."

-- Janet

Want to take our Snowland Deck out for a free spin (or a dozen)? It's now online at at this link. Want your very own copy? Visit

To purchase Pema Chodron's book Comfortable with Uncertainty, click here.

Shadow Queens of Tarot

UW Smaller145Queen of Pentacles: She's usually a dull, shallow busy-body with nothing better to do than interfere in the life of her grown children, neighbors, friends, etc. Tends to be a boring homebody that cares more about appearances and the spotlessness of her home than actual personal connection. Or, she's a workhorse that prefers the familiar ruts of repetitive jobs; don't expect this one to be original!



UW Smaller141Queen of Cups: She's usually co-dependent, using relationships to bolster her own (lacking) self-esteem. She may be creative and inspired, but her escapist tendencies often include benign neglect of her offspring and/or too much nursing of the ol' bottle. ::hic::




UW Smaller143Queen of Wands: This ambitious firebrand blazes through ideas, projects and people at lightning speed. That's right: if people don't serve her uses, she'll be outta there. Projects and innovative endeavors are her game, and if you're hanging on for the ride, you may want to strap a pillow to your backside when she jettisons you for more useful folks.



UW Smaller147Queen of Swords: Battle Axe? Judgmental Bitch? Perfectionist? Yes to all. Beware all who cross her path with incorrect grammar, sloppy appearance and abject stupidity, for She will call you on it. You won't get away with anything in her presence, for she's honed her hair-splitting skills with a razor's edge.