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Escaping Impermanence

I read this portion about impermanence in Pema Chodron's book Comfortable with Uncertainty. It reminded me of why we chose to portray Tarot's Death card as Impermanence in our Snowland Deck:

Impermanence Cropped 400"We know that all is impermanent; we know that everything wears out. Although we can buy this truth intellectually, emotionally we have a deep-rooted aversion to it. We want permanence; we expect permanence. Our natural tendency is to seek security; we believe we can find it. We experience impermanence at the everyday level as frustration. We use our daily activity as a shield against the fundamental ambiguity of our situation, expending tremendous energy trying to ward off impermanence and death. We don’t like it that our bodies change shape. We don’t like that we age. We are afraid of wrinkles and sagging skin. We use health products as if we actually believe that our skin, our hair, our eyes and teeth, might somehow escape the truth of impermanence."

-- Janet

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