A Snowland Rescue
Escaping Impermanence

Shadow Queens of Tarot

UW Smaller145Queen of Pentacles: She's usually a dull, shallow busy-body with nothing better to do than interfere in the life of her grown children, neighbors, friends, etc. Tends to be a boring homebody that cares more about appearances and the spotlessness of her home than actual personal connection. Or, she's a workhorse that prefers the familiar ruts of repetitive jobs; don't expect this one to be original!



UW Smaller141Queen of Cups: She's usually co-dependent, using relationships to bolster her own (lacking) self-esteem. She may be creative and inspired, but her escapist tendencies often include benign neglect of her offspring and/or too much nursing of the ol' bottle. ::hic::




UW Smaller143Queen of Wands: This ambitious firebrand blazes through ideas, projects and people at lightning speed. That's right: if people don't serve her uses, she'll be outta there. Projects and innovative endeavors are her game, and if you're hanging on for the ride, you may want to strap a pillow to your backside when she jettisons you for more useful folks.



UW Smaller147Queen of Swords: Battle Axe? Judgmental Bitch? Perfectionist? Yes to all. Beware all who cross her path with incorrect grammar, sloppy appearance and abject stupidity, for She will call you on it. You won't get away with anything in her presence, for she's honed her hair-splitting skills with a razor's edge.


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