The Four Significator Cards of the Snowland Deck (Soul GPS)
Snowland Deck Christmas in July Special

Snowland Justice Spread

Experiencing injustice of any sort can be so frustrating and aggravating! Unfortunately, no one said that this life was going to be fair, or that anyone is obligated to treat us even-handedly.

However, for those times you do feel as if some wrong has been done to you—or that you feel life is just so unfair—here’s a spread I devised to help you navigate through those confusing (and sometimes painful) times.

Snowland Justice Spread
As I was creating the Snowland Justice Spread, I realized that Cards 2-5 correspond to the four elements and, thus, the four special Signficator Cards that came with your Snowland Deck. So before you shuffle and draw cards from your deck, get out your four Signficator Cards. Place the Snowball in position 2 (since it governs feelings/emotions), the Snowflake in position 3 (since it governs issues of how we see ourselves—in addition to passion), the Icicle in position 4 (since it governs thoughts, attitudes and beliefs) and the Cube in position 5 (since it governs earthly matters, in including our humanness). 

  1. Scales —What do I need to know about this injustice/unfairness/imbalance?
  2. Heart – What is my heart/feelings telling me?
  3. Snowflake – How is this situation affecting my sense of Self?
  4. Feather – What attitude/thought/belief is contributing to my discomfort?
  5. Cracked Statue – What does this circumstance show me about being human?
  6. Scales Redux – What do I need to know/do to bring myself back into balance?

If you draw an Emoting card for Position 2, an Energy card for position 3, a Mental card for Position 4 or a Material card for Position 5, the power of that position is DOUBLED—so pay extra attention to it. If a Life Theme Card (aka Major Arcana card) comes up for either or both of the Scales (position 1 and 6), realize that you’re dealing with an archetypal life theme issue that has likely visited (plagued?) you before…and will likely do so again in the future. In this case, draw a SEVENTH card—a Hidden Insight from Spirit Card—to give you additional advice on how to understand this recurring pattern on a deeper level. 

If you try the Snowland Justice Spread out, do let me know how it works out for you! Don't have your own Snowland  Deck yet? Visit to find out how you can get your very own copy.

-- Janet


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