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The Emperor Tarot Card eBook

I'm happy to announce that the fifth installment in my Tarot Explorations Card-by-Card series is now available!

At over 3,000 words, The Emperor eBook provides:

Explorations Emperor 400• Phrases and Keywords

• People and Archetypes

• Characters, TV and Movies

• Places, Objects and Actions

• Quotes

• Songs

• Extensive Symbolism (Number 4, Throne, Ram, Armor, Scepter, White Hair, Beard, Shoulder Shawl, Colors, etc.)

• Esoteric Correspondences

• Investigating with the 7 Clue Method

• 5 Affirmations

• 7 Journaling Questions

• Emperor Spread with placements and image (created just for this eBook!)

• Essay on The Empress and Emperor in the Garden

• Bonus Empress and Emperor in the Garden Spread

• Light/Shadow Continuum and Reversals

• Link to special Pinterest board featuring images of the Emperor from over 25 Tarot decks, curated by the author

The other Tarot eBooks in the Card-by-Card series: The FoolThe MagicianThe High Priestess and  The Empress. Click here to view The Emperor on

-- Janet



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