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The Four Significator Cards of the Snowland Deck (Soul GPS)

If you've followed my work for any length of time, you know I'm not a fan of traditional Significators (and why). Click here to read my blog post for more information.

So I asked Ron to paint four extra Signficator cards for our Snowland Deck not only so readers don't have to pull out actual Tarot cards (and effectively take them "out of play" for a reading), but also to get a "fix" on a querent's state of mind.

My Soul GPS System, as I call it, can be used whether a querent tells you the topic of the reading...or just says "I just want a general reading". You can, of course, use it for yourself, too.

Lay out the four Signficator cards. They are:

  Snowflake 200 Icicle

Cube Snowball

You can choose to disclose to the querent what their chosen Significator means, or just keep it to yourself as the Tarot reading proceeds. 

Here's what the querent feels and needs for each card:


Themes: Energy, Intuition, Creativity

Focus: Encouragement of Individuality

Querent Feels: Stifled; Angsty; Lacking Purpose; Bland; Anticipatory; "What next?"

Querent Needs: Creative Outlet; Freedom; Purpose; Confidence; Growth; Variety; Branching Out; Boldness; Action; Movement; Spontanaeity

Recommended Approach to Reading: Enthusiastic "Cheerleading"


Themes: Mental, Thinking, Communicating

Focus: Piercing Insights

Querent Feels: Confused; Paralyzed; Overwhelmed; Scattered; Indecisive

Querent Needs: Clarity; Focus; Precision; Clear Communication; Selection

Recommended Approach to Reading: Pointed, Specific Suggestions

Ice Cube

Themes: Material, Physical, Survival

Focus: Assurance of Abundance

Querent Feels: Unstable; Poor; Lacking; Adrift; Hungry; Impoverished; Desperate; Ill; Scarcity Mindset

Querent Needs: Stability; Grounding; Provision; Gratitude; Structure; Organization

Recommended Approach to Reading: Practical Advice for Getting Needs Met (Possible Referral to Governmental or Charitable Agencies)


Themes: Feeling, Emoting, Connecting

Focus: Emotional Support

Querent Feels: Vulnerable; Lonely; Disconnected; Hurt; Needy; Low "Love Tank" Level

Querent Needs: Companionship; Friendship; Kindness; Comfort; Someone to Speak His/Her "Love Language"

Recommend Approach to Reading: Gentle. Use "Kid Gloves" and Choose Words Carefully

I've used this Soul GPS on myself and with Noah (our 14 year old). Each time, it's been eerily accurate. Below is Noah and me discussing this Signficator system (he asked me if I was the CIA!).

If you have any questions about the Significator Cards or my Soul GPS system, don't hesitate to ask. Would love to hear how it works for you, too! (To find our more about our deck, including getting your very own copy, visit

-- Janet


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