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Angie Turner

Every day is Book Lovers Day for me. :-). Maybe I'll celebrate by getting a book for someone else. A Random Act of Book-ness. ;-)

Janet Boyer

Boy, I hear ya, Angie! Maybe we can start RABID: Random Act of Bookness International Day. LOL!

Margaret B Madden

I hope to sit in the sun and read asynchronous as I can without being interrupted by one of five kids !!!

Margaret B Madden

As much as I can ****** (damn autocorrect )

Janet Boyer

Teehee! I thought maybe "asynchrnous" was a new book release, Margaret. I was going to ask what it's about. ;o) Wow, 5 kids. ::passes out::


I have already begun to celebrate! I recently moved, and found among my things my much loved copy of "The Mists of Avalon". It's amazing how the book seems to change with every reading - I pick up on things that I did't notice before but now understand with growth and wisdom. I just had to share!

Janet Boyer

That is so awesome Tammy! Nothing like finding a lost or forgotten book to enjoy once again. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

Janet Boyer

Congrats, Angie! You won the ARC of INSTRUCTIONS FOR A HEATWAVE!


I could never get that page to load for me. It kept telling me the server had been reset. But thanks anyway! :-D

Janet Boyer

Which page, Angie?

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