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Don't Let People Piss on Your Dreams

Snowland Lone Wolf Spread

Note: This spread can be used with any Tarot or oracle deck, as well as runes.

No one likes to experience rejection or deliberate exclusion. When it happens, we often feel so wounded that we sit paralyzed. Our trust and confidence in humanity becomes shaken and, at times, we may even wonder why we bother trying to forge connections with others.

 I’ve created the Snowland Lone Wolf Spread for those times you may experience rejection. I sincerely hope that such occurrences are rare for you. I’ve recently experienced this (yet another Facebook group, apparently comprised of Tarot’s “cool kids” as someone called them, won’t allow me entrance) and, frankly, it stings. So I made this spread, performed it with the Snowland Deck, and received amazing insights and comfort (thanks, in part, to my husband, Ron pointing out some things I may have missed). Well, he’s the artist…it makes sense he’d have some surprising additional insights!

Lone Wolf Spread

  1. What do I need to know about this rejection?
  2. What will help me deal with these painful feelings?
  3. What is beneficial about this situation?
  4. What do I need to move on and heal?
  5. Advice from the Lone Wolf

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-- Janet


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