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What Tarot Card Would You Be? (Living Mother Nature)


Empress 450
Mother Nature from the Snowland Deck

I’ve never really felt a personal connection to The Empress (mommy issues!) until we re-cast her as Mother Nature in our Snowland Deck. As I pondered the 78 Snowland cards, I realized that—at this season of my life—I’m definitely Mother Nature.

At the time of this writing, it’s the height of summer in the Northern Hemisphere where I live. Regular rain and consistent temperatures of 85 F have encouraged crazy growth from trees, grass and our gardens. (As synchronicity would have it, my husband, Ron, is sitting across from me on our porch—and just jabbed a fork into a bowlful of blackberries, resulting in purple juice squirting all over my writing paper and hand. Mother Nature is messy!)

Early this morning, Ron and I strolled about our backyard. I marveled at the many dewdrops dotting the honeysuckle leaves—tiny, glistening jewels! We then picked green beans, zucchini and cucumbers from our vegetable garden. I fried the zucchini for breakfast, and Ron later made a cucumber salad.

Noticing our birdfeeders were empty, Ron filled the plastic containers with seed while I packed greasy, corn-laden suet in a wooden feeder. I was literally acting out our Mother Nature card (sans the snow)!

Upstairs, in my Zen Room (i.e., writing room, which Ron affectionately calls my “woman cave”), several dozens wasps are tending to eggs lain on the outside of my window. We don’t try to get rid of them; after all, they’re not harming us. (Well, at least, not yet!)

Flowers Porch 450
My Roses Are Going Crazy!

But apart from reveling in my rural environs—watching myriad insects, feeding birds, tending the garden, harvesting vegetables and preparing nutritious meals for my little family—I’m acting as Mother Nature to my creative life: I’ve recently signed contracts with a publisher (Dodona Books) for my next two Tarot books (Naked Tarot: Sassy, Stripped Down Advice and 365 Tarot: Daily Meditations).

Writing books is a lot like human conception, gestation, birth and motherhood. Having pass the conception stage (writing the proposal and signing the contracts), I’m now gestating two books. Some days, it’s easy breezy—words flow from my pen like milk from a mother’s breast. But other days? Gah! Morning sickness! Dry heaves! Exhaustion! Fuzzy head and clumsy movements!

Thus, I look to nature for solace and support (not to mention my husband and son!): just as a garden takes months to go from seed to harvest, so it is with “growing” a book. And although I already have several under my belt, the process from conception to birth (and then “raising” the baby upon publication via publicity efforts) is still an arduous journey taken mostly alone—just like an actual pregnancy.

Rather than rushing the books—get these babies outta me!—I’m (trying) to embrace the entire process. Even if I’ve walked this path before, the scenery has changed—I have changed—making for a brand new creative experience.

Now if I could just get this darn blackberry juice off my fingers… (A mother’s work is never, ever done…)

What about you dear reader? If you could be a Tarot card right now, what would you be? Why?

-- Janet



I would be the
9 of pentacles. Specifically the gorgeous purple-hued one in Morgan Greer. I love that gorgeous card with her necklace of pentacles... I am at peace, dancing with blessings and bounty and BROWN! I love that she is brown!... but yes, the elegance of beauty of THIS 9 of pentacles is me.

Janet Boyer

Ohhh, that's definitely a beauty among Tarot decks, Mzzlee! I love it when I feel all 9 of Penty. ;o)

Thanks heaps for stopping by and taking the time to post!


I would be the Strength... so calm and secure in my powers. No inner or outer fears, flowers in my hair...being one with that lion (or bear lol)

Janet Boyer

That is beautiful, Yelena! What a great place to be. Go you!

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