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Dr Dax Carlisle, DD, CHt, CTM

I was happy to do it Janet!!

Craig Conley

Incredibly impressive, Janet! You faced very tough questions and handled them all so extraordinarily well. Bravo!

Janet Boyer


Janet Boyer

Oh, thank you so much, Craig! I was SO nervous beforehand...literally shaking. I can't believe I pulled it off! :o) (Btw, I owe you two emails; been so swamped since my appearance on C2C.)

Craig Conley

I listened with my partner, and we both agreed that you were using superpowers. You were slammed with difficult questions (and sometimes asked the /same/ question repeatedly, like about what the Devil card means, with the expectation of a /new/ answer each time!) I'm tempted to say that you handled yourself like a palm tree in a hurricane, but a palm tree sways around while you faced the onslaught /head on/. I can relate to your pre-interview jitters, and they were actually /warranted/, but my oh my, you're /good/!

Janet Boyer

Oh, you're very kind! It was a rather unusual interview that got a bit more bizarre as time went on. George didn't talk to me between segments, so I'm perplexed at why he got stuck on the "Devil" loop. I did see several criticisms of his interviewing style on the C2C FB page saying that he asks guests repeat questions and doesn't appear to be really listening to them...

I've received several emails from listeners wondering why he got so weird/mean/gruff with me towards the end (their words). Ron I noticed it, too, when we compared notes after the show.

Not to mention the face that he didn't ask most of the questions I was asked to submit by the producers...

It may have been superpowers, indeed, bestowed by the "angels and helpers" (as we call them here at Chez Boyer)--thanks to prayers from Ron, Noah and my friends. I'm SO glad the interview is behind me, truth be told!

Thank you for listening and for your encouragement. You're a great friend, Craig. XO

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