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A Card Short of a Full (Tarot) Deck

After our son Noah's piano lesson, we all hung around and talked to the guy behind the counter (who happens to be the mayor of the town and a former pro musician in LA). We talked about music and theater and dance (his wife is an opera singer/teacher)--especially as it relates to kids. 

Turns out that he, too, has a son named Noah--who also turned 15 this year (just a few weeks after our Noah). Anyway, I happened to have Noah's copy of our Snowland Deck in my purse, and I showed it to the guy. As he was looking through each of the cards, he remarked "Hey. There's two of the same card in the deck. What does that mean?"

8 of Coins 300 8 of Coins 300

He flipped over the card--and it was 8 Material (aka the 8 of Coins). Immediately, I blurted out "You're working overtime".  (The 8 Material card can indicate "work", among other things. Two "work" cards? Overtime or double-time.)

He said "Yeah, I've been working a lot, alright." Then he grew thoughtful. "Wait. I'm working overtime tonight." (He works in a coalmine and was working an overtime shift that night.)

I chuckled and said "Tarot has a sense of humor like that, sometimes. It's waving at you!"

But then it hit me.

If Noah's deck had two 8 Material cards...then where did the extra come from?

We do readings for each other here at home and, sometimes, Ron and/or Noah shuffles my deck between readings. (We each have our own deck). I checked my working deck--and (you guessed it)--I was missing the 8 Material card! Somehow, one of us accidentally put that card back in the wrong Snowland Deck.

Head in hand

I've been performing dozens of Tarot readings the last few weeks--and have no idea when that card was misplaced. (I will say the 8 Material card never showed up in the last month--at all--so it may have been missing for some time!)

And yet, all my clients responded that my readings were amazingly accurate and helpful.

Even, apparently, without the 8 of Coins card.

So it begs the question: can a Tarot deck be accurate without a card? Two cards? Five cards? When would it stop being a solid, working Tarot deck? (But then, wouldn't it just serve as an oracle?)

In my opinion? Yes--a Tarot deck can still work brilliantly, even with a missing card (or two or three).

Why? How?

Well, psychic Tarot readers can pull on other visual and intuitive clues to get the same information. Or, another card hinting at the same (or a similar) theme will come up (or a combination of cards). 

The funny thing? The card below kept showing up in readings. I even mentioned it on my Facebook page, it was so uncanny.

Youth Material 400

And what does it picture? Why, a Tomten at work...of course.

-- Janet



Even weirder? I've accessed your pick-a-card snowland tarot feature twice in the past few days - and received the same card :) youth - materials. Synchronicity at work. On that note, I just ordered a new year forecast special!

Janet Boyer

How cool is THAT, Mckaty? Want to hear something else odd? After I posted this, I went to my website to check something and thought I'd click on the Snowland Deck Card-of-the-Day feature. The card that came up? 8 Material! HA! :o)


I LOVE that - doesn't surprise me at all :D

Janet Boyer

Gotta love synchronicity!

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