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Design a Virtual Snowland Deck Box Contest

I'm running a design contest! The most excellent news is that our Snowland Deck will be added to the Tarot ECards: Universal Tarot App lineup in ::drumroll:: JANUARY 2014! YAY! (And it will be available for Android in February 2014.)

But I'm not happy with the "box" design to go on the shelf. 

Tarot eCards Shelf

I designed one sorta like the image below (I lost the original in the PC crash a few months go, but the CEO of Tarot eCards has it, I think), except, it said The Snowland Deck by Ron and Janet Boyer. I think I may have used the Strength card, too.

Snowland ebook cover

Here's where you come in, design wizards! Using any Snowland card (or set of cards) from our Facebook album  (or if you want to use the final images with titles, get in touch, and I'll invite you to a special DropBox folder), please design a virtual Snowland Deck box that has The Snowland Deck and Ron and Janet Boyer somewhere on it. Make it look attractive, wintry, shiny and inviting.

Submit your image to me via email at synerjay@atlanticbb.net and we'll pick a winner.

What do you get? Your very own Snowland Deck with a bag and the digital companion book! Or, if you have one already, you can have a Snowland bracelet, a private reading with me, a private consultation on any topic, most of my eBooks--whatever you want from (within reason, of course LOL). And, I'll post the entries on my blog with your personal URL and/or bio with it (if you have one and would like some business).

By the way, you can find out more about Tarot eCards at TaroteCards.com. You even get a free Tarot deck with your app purchase!

Good luck!

-- Janet


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