10 Questions for Tarotist __________
10 Questions for Tarotist CaitlĂ­n Matthews

New Year Planning (and a Tour of My Zen Room!)

What kind of plans are you making for the New Year?

In the video below I share some tips for surrounding your space with empowering words, creating a Blessings of Ideas Jar, coming up with your "3 Words" for the year (ala Chris Brogan's Brave New Year) and more (including a tour of my Zen Room, where I broadcast from during radio shows).

I also share my three favorite books for Renaissance Souls aka Scanners

I admit, I had to consult the Tarot to help me with my 3 Words for 2014--but Commitment came up anyway!

I'm sure Mr. Ron will be thrilled that I toured his bathroom, too... (Sorry I tilted the camera at the end. Brand new Christmas gift and I'm trying to get used to it. Teehee!)

-- Janet


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