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Snowland Deck on the Angels Monday Radio Show

On the Radio Talking About Our Snowland Deck

I'll be on two radio shows this week talking about our Snowland Deck and doing mini-readings!

Angels monday 400

First up, tomorrow at 4 PM EST (12/16/13), I'll be on the Angels Monday Radio Show with Maria Maas, TarotDactyl (Mary Brown) and Dax Carlisle. Click here for the show page to listen live--or in archive (in case you miss it). 

Psychic connection 500
Then, on Thursday, 12/19/13 at 6 PM EST, I'll be on The Psychic Connection with Heather Woodward. Click here to go to the show page (which will also be archived, in case you miss the live show). 

Can't wait to be on with these soulful folks to share about the creation, process and publication of our Snowland Deck!

-- Janet


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