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Snowland Deck Card-of-the-Moment

I'm pleased as holiday punch to tell you there's now a permanent page on my website that will generate a random Snowland Deck Card-of-the-Moment for you!

Snowland cotd snap 500

Not only do you see the Card-of-the-Moment image, but also a "secret" and the keywords from my Snowland Deck Intuitive Workbook that goes along with each card. 

Click here to visit the page, get your free Snowland Card-of-the-Moment reading and bookmark for daily use (or whenever you need an inspirational dose of snowy wisdom). 

Love the widget so much you want your very own to place on a blog or website? ::tosses magic snowflakes:: Guess what? You can have that, too! Designer Aaron Bradley loved our Snowland Deck so much, he created a widget for everyone's free use. How cool is that? Click here to snag the code so you can share the Snowland love. 

-- Janet


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