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Virtue tarot bookNext summer, Doreen Virtue will be coming out with "the definitive guide to the mystical art of tarot"--titled The Big Book of Angel Tarot.  The description goes on to say "By removing the fear, worry, and secrecy, Doreen and Radleigh have reintroduced the world to this language of the Divine without diminishing any of the amazing accuracy and detailed information that tarot is known for."

Thoughts about this? Do you feel Doreen is qualified to write a "definitive" book on Tarot (consisdering she just entered this genre last year)? Did her Angel Tarot "re-introduce the word" to Tarot--or have others already been doing that? Or has she tapped the angel market dry...and now wants to get in on some Tarot action?

Weigh in!

-- Janet



Sigh...........I've picked up several of her decks in lots that I've bought on eBay and never touch them more than once. Pretty pics, but there should be two sides to every story, shouldn't there? I also bought her tarot deck and have used it for blurting, but I don't think I've ever done a reading with it. It's rather like removing some of the cards from your deck so you don't upset anyone............

Janet Boyer

I know what you mean, Paula. I've reviewed about a dozen of her oracle decks, but none of I've ever kept and used. They're just too abstract and fluffy for me.

The Angel Tarot is quite lovely but, a lot of the images look the same. I think Hay House finds images they like, pay the artists to use them, and then collects them in a hodge podge...assigning them card titles that they hope come close to the archetypal mark. At least, that's how they look to me...

I do not feel she has tapped out the Angel oracle card market since she has new decks all the time, and appears to have a big following. In fact, she (and Radleigh Valentine) has trained over 10,000 Certified Angel Card Readers in the last two years or so. What I have noticed is that she is partnering with others to branch out in new areas.

As far as the Angel Tarot, the Archangel Power Tarot deck, and another new one coming out(plus I think they have a few others, some specifically for children), whether you like them or not is a personal preference. However, I do believe Radleigh Valentine is an expert in tarot (including symbols and such) and is qualified to co-write this book to represent the tarot arena, although their take may be different than the traditional approach. My feeling is he is heading up the effort in the Tarot arena, and she is the name behind it, although he is starting to get a name for himself and just got his own show on Hayhouse for example.

So if Angel Tarot is for you, this book will be for you, but if not, it probably won't be for you. Either way, it is okay as there are certainly enough decks and books out there that anyone who interesting in tarot, will certainly be able to find a deck and an approach that appeals to them. :)


I have used Doreen's Angel oracle for a few years and I find it works well for me. That's the beauty of oracles and tarot decks - there's something for everyone.

Janet Boyer

I plan on getting it because I feel that just about everyone with some knowledge of Tarot and/or the psychic world can offer me SOMETHING of use...some helpful takeaway. :o)

Janet Boyer

Have you seen her Angle Tarot, tamstercmt? It's really lovely!

Lisa Frideborg

I like and use several of her decks and the Archangel Power Tarot reads really well for me. I don't know how qualified DV is. Maybe by now, she's had a chance to learn and dive deep in the symbolism. Being a great Tarot reader and teacher only comes with many years of experience though. I'll be getting the book, not because it's DV but because I don't have a book about Angel Tarot and I really need another book... because my house is not already overflowing with them. Not. lol

Janet Boyer

I hear ya, Lisa. I have over 250 Tarot books (and I'm lucky I've read 10 of them). I collect THEM like some do decks, so I'll be getting this one, too... (Good thing Ron keeps building me floor-to-ceiling bookcases!)

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