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Unsavory Tarot Professionals Unmasked

EDIT: Apparently, Marcus Katz is so upset at being unmasked, he not only had my blogs shut down temporarily (including, but somehow got Blog Talk Radio to take down the show. Fortunately, I had already downloaded it as a mp3, so you can listen to it below. That's right: full access to the show he does not want you to hear!

What happens when the behavior of Tarot professionals...aren't so professional? My colleague Laura Brown experienced a recent incident at the hands of Marcus Katz that will have you shaking your head at best and dropping your jaw at worst. 

Her "crime"? Co-hosting the Tarot Bitches Radio Show with me, being my friend, and publicly supporting my body of work. 

Boycotting, blacklisting, defamation, guilt by association, harassment, stalking, marginalizing, intimidation, elitism, vindictiveness, pettiness, immaturity, the spiritualization of unsavory practices--we cover it all in this provocative show. 

Download TP BTR Show


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