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1st three words smaller

George Takei always posts the coolest things on Facebook. Today, he happened to post this image--a familiar type of image to FB denizens.

My words were Love, Power and Intelligence. Hmm.

The interesting thing, though, is what happened when I shared this on my timeline. Others posted their three words, and we had some laughs. 

One gal said she saw "Pop". I quipped "Better than poop!"

"Well", she said, "I'm sure I get to look forward to that, too! LOL"

I encouraged her not to be pessimistic--but she maintained she's just a realist.

Turns out, her youngest child is still in diapers. Ha! Yes, she has some poopies to look forward to in 2014...

But you know--babies in diapers aside--I firmly believe that your chances of experiencing poop increases exponentially when you expect it...and actively look for it.

What do you think, dear readers? Does "shit happen" because we often expect it to? And, what are the three words you see in this image? What do you wish you would see?

-- Janet


Nicole Hughes

I've seen this making the rounds on FB and Tumblr. Honestly, every time I see it different words pop out at me. Just now they were experience (for the second time, so that's great!), humour, and popularity. Sounds like a FUN year!
And I do believe you're right for the most part. I try to explain to my MIL all the time, if you expect the worst, it will definitely come to you! I've been trying to break that cycle of thinking myself, and have been rewarded with lots of happy synchronicities )

Janet Boyer

Good for you, Nicole! Don't you love those synchronicities? It's like the Universe is waving to you (or blowing kisses). :oD

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