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I love the teachings and books of Pema Chodron. I just received a quote about laziness in my inbox, excerpted from her book The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times.

Places that scare you

This is so timely for me, because I made the crazy statement on Facebook that one of my goals for 2014 (in addition to finishing two Tarot books before summer)--is to blog every day of the year.

WTF was I thinking? I mean, really.

I know that one of my mottos is "Go big or go home", but that was just ridiculous. (Timothy Martin got inspired by my cray cray and said he's going to blog daily for 2014. Go, Timothy!)

I never compete with other people, only myself (hell, I'm too busy to even pay attention what anyone else is doing). So I tend to reach for bigger, longer and better with my creative projects...when, in fact, 2014 is about going deeper and slower.

D'oh! Old habits are hard to break...

So here's the incredibly wise Pema Chodron on the topic of laziness...something I think I should try. Because for me, being brave isn't accomplishing crazy goals (I can do that in my sleep)--but ratcheting down my output in a more focused way. And, daring to be, feel and (gasp!) appear lazy.

Laziness is not particularly terrible or wonderful. Rather it has a basic living quality that deserves to be experienced just as it is. Perhaps we’ll find an irritating, pulsating quality in laziness. We might feel it as dull and heavy or as vulnerable and raw. Whatever we discover, as we explore it further, we find nothing to hold on to, nothing solid, only groundless, wakeful energy.

This process of experiencing laziness directly and nonverbally is transformative. It unlocks a tremendous energy that is usually blocked by our habit of running away. This is because when we stop resisting laziness, our identity as the one who is lazy begins to fall apart completely. Without the blinders of ego, we connect with a fresh outlook, a greater vision. This is how laziness—or any other demon—introduces us to the compassionate life. 

-- Janet


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