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How Do You Do Email Tarot Readings?

When people find out I peform 99% of my Tarot readings via email, most tend to be floored.

How can you read the person's "energy"?

How can you read without seeing a picture or knowing a birth date?

How can you read accurately with so little sensory data?

Well, I'm one of those Tarot readers who happen to be psychic (most don't claim to be, if you can believe it). But I also feel that if you ask detailed questions, you get detailed answers. That's why I'm not a fan of pre-formed Tarot spreads like the Celtic Cross (I feel they're too general, and provide too much useless information).

Also, I'm a firm believer in the 3-card spread. So many think "bigger is better" when it comes to spreads, but I feel that the opposite is usually true.

I thought I'd share two readings from my case files (used by permission) to give you an idea of how I read via email, and to show you  the value of 3-card readings.

Should I Buy a Bigger Bike?

Context:   I’m 41 yrs old and recently purchased a small Yamaha Zuma scooter.  I’m having a blast but now want to also purchase a larger Honda 1100cc motorcycle that reminds me of one I had in my younger days (I’m calling it my mid-life crisis mobile).  This is something I really enjoyed in the past and would like to start riding again.   I’m concerned primarily with my safety.   I have a 5 yr old son and don’t want to get killed on it.   My wife always stresses about money no matter how much we have, but this is something I can easily afford in addition to saving for college and other stuff.  

Question:  Are there any issues that I need to be aware of before making my decision to purchase a new motorcycle, or will I be happily enjoying my purchase well into my old age?

My reply:

Here’s your 3-card reading about whether or not to buy the bigger bike:

3 card reading 1

Pros: Knight of Coins – You’re a careful and conscientious driver. You don’t, and won’t, take risks.

Cons4 of Coins – This is the “miser” card. We know who this refers to. LOL! Seems like the only drawback is just your wife’s financial protests.

Final Advice: Ace of Cups – In our Snowland Deck, which I used for your reading, this image shows a hand coming out of the sky, offering a huge, delicious milkshake. It’s a card of joy and an emotional upsurge of positive feelings.

I think it’s pretty clear that the cards advise you to “Go for it!”...and enjoy your mid-life crisis mobile.

Here’s another actual client reading (used by permission):

Should I Pursue Personal Training Certification?

my situation is, should i add to my life a personal training certification. (for more credentials)

I already am certified to teach group fitness yoga, pilates boot camp, and a massage therapist and also doing facials.

I am graduating with a degree in health and wellness next week.

somehow i feel i need personal training cert although do not want to be necessarily a personal trainer in a gym environment, hence the hesitation.

Im more a piscean mystic and healer.

so im torn of the pro and con, I'm leaning toward con but theres a reason, however, what is it that im supposed to focus on at this point to further my life that will bring me financial benefits. 

your guidance is treasured!

and thanks again.

(Yes, some client readings come in this jumbled!)

My reply:

Here’s your 3-Card Reading for pursuing personal training certification right now:

3 card reading 2

ProQuester Mental (aka Knight of Swords) – This Knight is often impetuous, wanting to go full speed ahead without much forethought. It’s a card of mental stamina, aiming for a goal, and hitting the mark. You’d have no trouble getting the certification, and you could certainly add it to your aesthetic/healing work. The certification would be swift and easy for you.

Con: Inversion (Hanged Man) – In this position, this card tells me that a major drawback would be lack of integration of what you’ve already learned this year, as well as the spiritual growth that comes from such absorption. Metaphorically, the Knight of Swords “gobbles things up” based on mental machinations, while the Hanged Man absorbs what he’s learned—taking time to digest, see things in a new light, then integrate and “upgrade” his spiritual operating system. If you pursue getting the certification now, you’ll be glossing over the process and lose many of its nourishing benefits that will aid you in the future. Knight of Swords is short term benefits, but the Hanged Man—being a Major Arcana card—signifies long-term benefits directly related to your life purpose.

Final Advice: Director Emoting (aka King of Cups) - As an approach card, this card advises governing your emotions and directing your creative urges in spiritually beneficial ways. Although pursuing certification at this time may have some material benefits, it won’t be adding to your deep identification as a Piscean Mystic/Healer. So, your choices in the near future should reflect the values treasured by the Mystic/Healer archetype (rather than, say, the Entrepreneur, Athlete or Aesthetician). In our Snowland Deck, which I used for your reading, this card is Father Christmas; for your clients, focus on offering services that make them feel blessed, pampered, joyful and excited about their lives—many of the feelings and sentiments we associate with Christmas and the receiving of gifts. 

You may notice that I color-code the actual card title, or the text. This is because color is powerful and symbolic and, in larger readings, can show the client (and myself) which elements/suits are most represented in reading. What doesn’t show up in a reading often tells us as much as what does.

I'm happy to say that both clients reported that these readings were helpful, insightful and accurate. (Whew!)

So how would you have interpreted these cards, dear reader? How have 3-card readings worked for you in the past? Do you prefer them...or larger spreads? I'd love to hear of your experience!

-- Janet



Reading cards by email is convenient for when schedules don't match. I've done a lot of readings by email, but I find that I actually spend as much (or more) time typing the 2-3 pages of my reading than I would have spent if I did it in person or via Skype, Google chat, or some other video conferencing tool. I know some readers who make an audio recording of their reading, upload it to a cloud server, and send a link to their client, but I've always preferred the face-to-face, even when it's just over a web-cam. I like that I'm able to adjust my reading on the fly for when unexpected questions come up or the client has something else that comes to mind. But I'm a fairly social person, so video conferencing is just a better fit for my reading style. Best wishes to you!

Janet Boyer

Hi 54! You're absolutely right. In the past, I would have preferred video conferencing and phone. But what I like about email readings, even though they DO take longer, is exactly what you pointed out: I can do the readings any time, anywhere...and I love that flexibility. Plus, I've gotten more introverted/Hermit-like as the years go by, so I value my time/privacy, too.

Best wishes to you, as well! Hope to see you around here again. :o)

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