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The word beatitude means "a state of utmost bliss" (Merriam-Webster). Some of you with Christian backgrounds may recognize the word as describing the Sermon on the Mount teachings by Jesus (Blessed are the...)

I got to thinking: what if every card in the Tarot--yes, all 78--contained a "Be" attitude? A short, empowering directive that can help us "find our bliss" (or, better yet, live our bliss)?

Next time one of these cards comes up in a reading--or you choose one consciously for contemplation or affirmation--consider you may be getting some empowering marching orders from the Divine.  

Major Arcana

 The Fool – Be playful.

The Magician – Be focused.

High Priestess – Be silent.

The Empress – Be creative.

The Emperor – Be organized.

The Hierophant – Be teachable.

The Lovers – Be committed.

The Chariot – Be driven.

Strength – Be brave.

The Hermit – Be alone.

The Wheel of Fortune – Be capricious.

Justice – Be fair.

Hanged Man – Be still.

Death – Be transformed.

Temperance – Be balanced.

The Devil – Be hedonistic.

The Tower – Be subversive.

The Star – Be hopeful.

The Moon – Be mysterious.

The Sun – Be authentic.

Judgement – Be awake.

The World – Be whole.

Wands Suit

 Ace of Wands – Be inspired.

2 of Wands – Be challenged.

3 of Wands – Be expectant.

4 of Wands – Be connected. 

5 of Wands – Be confrontational.

6 of Wands – Be successful.

7 of Wands – Be defiant.

8 of Wands – Be quick.

9 of Wands – Be resigned.

10 of Wands – Be released.

Page of Wands – Be inquisitive.

Knight of Wands – Be aggressive.

Queen of Wands – Be resourceful.

King of Wands – Be influential.

 Swords Suit

 Ace of Swords – Be original.

2 of Swords – Be decisive.

3 of Swords – Be healed.

4 of Swords – Be mindful.

5 of Swords – Be compatible.

6 of Swords – Be adaptable.

7 of Swords – Be strategic.

8 of Swords – Be free.

9 of Swords – Be peaceful.

10 of Swords – Be forgiving.

Page of Swords – Be disciplined.

Knight of Swords – Be blunt.

Queen of Swords – Be exacting.

King of Swords – Be competent.

Coins Suit

Ace of Coins – Be comfortable.

2 of Coins – Be flexible.

3 of Coins – Be cooperative.

4 of Coins – Be frugal.

5 of Coins – Be charitable.

6 of Coins – Be generous.

7 of Coins – Be discerning.

8 of Coins – Be consistent.

9 of Coins – Be extravagant.

10 of Coins – Be content.

Page of Coins – Be diligent.

Knight of Coins – Be careful.

Queen of Coins – Be protective.

King of Coins – Be productive. 

Cups Suit

Ace of Cups – Be compassionate.

2 of Cups – Be intimate.

3 of Cups – Be sociable.

4 of Cups – Be invested.

5 of Cups – Be grateful.

6 of Cups – Be retrospective.

7 of Cups – Be choosy.

8 of Cups – Be progressive.

9 of Cups – Be satisfied.

10 of Cups – Be harmonious.

Page of Cups – Be surprised.

Knight of Cups – Be romantic.

Queen of Cups – Be dramatic.

King of Cups – Be supportive.

What about you, dear reader? What "Be" Attitude would you assign for one or more of the 78 Tarot cards? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

-- Janet



I love this Janet!! Thank you so much!

Janet Boyer

Glad you liked it, Kalana! My goal is to do one of these very month of this year. ::crosses fingers:: ;o)

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