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10 Questions for Tarotist Robert Place


What’s your favorite breakfast food? Scrambled eggs with spinach in them and salsa on top.

Book you’d like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? The Symposium by Plato, I think it would help them to get beyond their misconceptions about love and sex.

What makes you laugh? Almost anything.

Song that never gets old: Anything by Mumford and Sons

Drink of choice: Cappuccino

Would you rather be hot or cold? Neither but I guess hot is better. I have enjoyed taking a sauna at times.

Mountain, beach, desert or forest? I live in a forest.

Favorite color? As an artist I find it impossible to pick a favorite color.

Best movie line: “My body tends to be hotter than normal, like a dog’s." (Marlin Brando in Fugitive Kind)

Last thing you splurged on? A new pillow for my desk chair. We also bought new cushions for the Art Deco love seat, and new fillings for all of the pillows on the couch. We seem to have a thing for pillows lately.

Bonus Q: What artist, living or dead, would you most like to visit with? I always think of Botticelli, but I am probably better off visiting Burne-Jones because we would both speak English. 

Robert M. Place is the designer of The Alchemical TarotThe Tarot of the Sevenfold MysteryThe Vampire TarotThe Buddha TarotThe Tarot of the SaintsThe Angels Tarot and upcoming Burning Serpent Oracle.

He is the author of The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and DivinationAlchemy and the Tarot, and nine other books on the Tarot and related subjects.

Robert has conducted lectures and workshops on the Tarot in education centers in the United States and Europe, including the Open Center, Omega Institute, The New York Tarot Festival and The Reader's Studio in New York, The World Tarot Congress in Chicago, The Southeastern Regional Tarot Festival in Florida, The Third International Conference of the Association for Esoteric Studies in Charleston, The Museo Dei Torocchi in Riola, Italy, and the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. He is the curator of the Fool's Journey, a Tarot Exhibition at the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum.

He and his work have appeared on A&E, the Discovery Channel, and the Learning Channel, the TV series Moonlight and Monk and were included in a documentary on vampires on Animal Planet. He was honored with the privilege of cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of The Tarot Museum in Riola, Italy, in 2007 and his recreation of a historic 15th century woodcut Tarot is included in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

His website is


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