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The “No Time” Whine

Catching Time

Ever see individuals on Facebook posting that they’d love to author a book “someday”—or perhaps create a chapbook of poems, write a play or pen a movie script—but then, in the next breath, lament they “have no time”?

These same people can be found posting (at all hours) about what they ate, what they bought, what their kids did, current weather conditions and the latest cat memes.

But that’s not all.

They also post about the dozens of shows they watch—the actors, the characters, the plot, who’s hot, who’s not.

Imagine how many hours are wasted on a daily basis just on watching TV…let alone time spent on social media babbling about it.

And you don’t have time to write a poem, a blog post or a book?

Give me a freaking break.

Note: If you’re one of those people, just consider this a gentle kick in the butt to write that novel, screenplay, poem or short story you’ve been dreaming about. Unplug from the gadgets and dance with the Muse; we need your Voice!

-- Janet


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