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Ways to Be a Pain in the Ass Tarot Client

Pain butt

1. Don't read the orders page (which includes descriptions of readings offered AND estimated wait time)...but plunk down your money anyway.

2. Don't read the Ethics page (yeah, go ahead and ask me questions on disease diagnosis, financial planning and legal advice...)

3. Bug the hell out of me via email (equivalent to "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?!"). Then apologize. Then do it again. 

4. Insult me when you get a reading you don't like. (What, you really think I can solve a problem you've spent 10 years creating in just 30 minutes?)

5. File a PayPal dispute saying you never received your email reading (without emailing ME to see if it landed in YOUR SPAM filter...or got lost in cyberspace).

6. Take advantage of a limited time special by ordering it THREE days (or weeks) after the expiration date.

7. Order a 3-card Quickie Reading, but have a complex issue (or set of issues) deserving of a Whole Enchilada. 

What about you, fellow Tarot readers? Any pain-in-the-ass antics from clients you'd like to see stop?

-- Janet


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