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Writing and Pitching a Non-Fiction Proposal

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Do you have a non-fiction book ready to burst inside you? How would you like to get your creation out in the world--preferrably, to a traditional publisher?

What about a Tarot deck that you've scripted and would love to see get into print?

This Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 4 PM EST, I'll be presenting a live, free seminar on Writing and Pitching a Tarot Proposal as a part of The Business of Tarot TeleSummit. But, Tarot doesn't have to be your "thing" for you to benefit from my presentation, because what I'll share with you applies to all book proposals--especially non-fiction. 

Janet proposal 600

In this live presentation (yes, you can ask me questions!), I'll cover the seven crucial "knows" to increase your chances of landing a book or deck deal. Here's a sneak peek (yep, showing you what's up my sleeve!):

Know Your Brand
Know Your Topic
Know Your Readers
Know Your Elevator Pitch
Know Your Competition
Know Your Colleagues
Know Your Marketing Plan (Influencers, Outlets and Publicists)

Want to join me? Visit this link to register (again, it's free--and includes fourteen different presentations lasting from March 5 - 12, 2014).  Can't make it live? Good news! Our hostess with the most-est, Heather Woodward, will be archiving them all for you to listen to later (again, all for free). 

Why free? My colleagues and I want you to succeed! We're cheering you on to be the best professional you can be in Tarot--or any other service-oriented endeavor. 

Will I see you there? I hope so! Click here to find out all about it (including amazing freebies and discounts for registrants--including two sample book pitches that landed me contracts...both within months of one another, and from the same publisher!). 

-- Janet


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