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10 Questions for Tarotist Hal Weeks


What’s your favorite breakfast food? Um...well the ol' standby is PB on toast. Essential. I'm not good if I don't get my protein in the morning. But if you want something "interesting" I'd say pecan waffles! Yeah...I get them maybe every 5 years?

Book you’d like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? Gosh, there are lots. Neither Wolf nor Dog by Kent Nerburn. It’s about Native American/White relations and why white folks STILL stereotype Indians.

What makes you laugh? A few friends. Finding Nemo. The stupid mistakes I make all the time.

Song that never gets old: "Ripple" by Grateful Dead. "Let it be known: there is a fountain that was not made by the hands of men".

Drink of choice: Coffee, water, tea. That's about all I drink anymore. Love microbrews, but don't like the buzz anymore. I'm boring that way.

Would you rather be hot or cold? Hot. ‘course, I am ALL the time, if you ask the ladies, ;o)

Mountain, beach, desert or forest? Probably forest....and then beach.

Favorite color? That really vivid color that rust can get. Gorgeous.

Best movie line: "I don't know...sometimes ya just KNOW, y'know?" by Crush, from Finding Nemo.

Last thing you splurged on? I'm an Irish musician and play Native American Flutes. So I buy flutes and penny whistles and bodhran beaters. Is that a splurge? They are sort of my "toys".

Bonus Q: Your secret talent. LOL...TAROT. Tarot's been my secret talent for years. Unless you want to climb in BED with me, and then I'll show you some others!

Hal Weeks ( has been reading tarot since 1985, but it's always been sort of a sideline. He's made a living from being a musician on and off, as well as having way too many "day jobs". He's designed two Tarots of his own, and prefers reading with the Tarot of Marseilles or a good ol' Rider Waite. Tarot is often a philosophical/meditational pursuit for him: reading interests fade in and out like all his other interests. You can find out more about his Wickwillow Tarot at this link

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