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Introducing The Coffee Tarot

I haven't been blogging much because I'm hard at work on my 3rd traditionally-published book Naked Tarot (and homeschooling our 15-year-old son). While blogging and reviewing have taken a back seat, creativity has not! In addition to working on both Naked Tarot and 365 Tarot (my 4th book), my husband and I are creating another Tarot deck: The Coffee Tarot!

Coffee tarot banner 500

Our main website is Tarot.Coffee (yep, we snagged a .coffee domain name) and our Facebook page is at We'll be uploading completed images and sketches to both sites. Our Coffee Tarot differs from our Snowland Deck in that the images will be done in watercolor pencils (a new medium for my artist husband, Ron), will stay confined to the cream-brown color spectrum and will be a Majors-only deck. 

Below is the first card, THE BEAN--our equivalent of The Fool card. 

Coffee Tarot 1 400

A sketch of MAGIC (our version of The Magician) is up on our Facebook page. See you there?

-- Janet


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