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Gray Clouds Into Glorious Sunsets

A friend and colleague of mine, Tierney Sadler (creator of the Deck of 1000 Spreads), wrote a fabulous blog post about how gray clouds burst into a glorious sunset over her head...and how it relates to triumph after tragedy (both personally, and via other examples). 

Sunsets 500
Photos by Tierney Sadler

 Here's the opening paragraphs: 

See, it started out all overcast and gray. And I was pretty sure the sunset would suck. But then I saw a tinge on pink on the bottom of one of the clouds and thought, "well now". Then minutes later, the sunset exploded into fabulous color. 

This reminded me of what happened at my last job. I said the wrong thing at the wrong time to my boss and she, in turn, completely handled the situation poorly and it became clear my days were numbered. So the skies on that day seemed pretty gray. But almost immediately it occurred to me to become a freelancer. The gray clouds got a tinge of pink. Then days later, I gave my notice...

Read the rest of Tierney's thought-provoking post at this link

-- Janet


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