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New Book and Deck Releases

Some of my newer readers may not realize that I used to compile monthly releases of new books, decks and audio (mostly in the Mind/Body/Spirit genre)—for 6 ½ years (2005-2011).

It was tons of work—scouring the print catalogues of a dozen or more publishers for appropriate products, looking them up on Amazon, generating direct links so my readers could click for more information (or buy), snagging the item’s cover, carefully laying out the page on my website and so on.

New Releases Snap Crop 500

Needless to say, it just got too labor intensive to keep doing my monthly New Releases, especially since our son was getting older (I homeschool) and I began writing my own books.

The cool thing is, though, that there are well over 1,000 books, decks, Tarot bags, CDs and more to be discovered among those pages. I figured you may want to look through all those goodies at your leisure (especially if you’re a book junkie like me!) and perhaps stumble upon something that calls out to you.

Click here for the last New Releases page published on If you scroll down to the bottom of that page (and all the subsequent release pages) there’s a list of links to the previous months.

Have you enjoyed my reviews, posts, books, radio shows, etc. over the years? Here’s an easy way to support my work: whenever you go to buy something on, use one of the product links on my site (embedded within the New Releases or Reviews)—or here on my blog (my books listed on the left)—and Amazon will throw a few coins my way since I’m an Associate (each link has a special janetboyercom-20 tag on it that identifies me). For example, this URL goes to my Tarot Basics Amazon page. 

Neat-o, yes? You can support your favorite Tarot personality (ha!) while shopping at Amazon. Win-win!

Many thanks, and enjoy browsing all those New Releases (that are no longer new, but hidden gems waiting to be discovered by you)!

-- Janet


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