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Snowland Deck Now An App!

It's here! It's here!

Tarot e Screen Shot Decks Shelf 600

That's right: our Snowland Deck is now an app from WizardToo, available in the iTunes store at this link. (WizardToo is headed up by Ron Leong, former Marketing Director at U.S. Games Systems, Inc.-- and my former boss.) The app is free and comes with two decks for you to use. Additional decks are available to purchase.

This Tarot eCards app 2.0 is a new, improved version for a better user experience, including:

• Full overhaul of the user interface and app functionality

• New Decks (including our Snowland Deck!)

• High Resolution Images

• Database driven; reduced file size for faster download and less memory usage

• Revamped user interface

• Improved readability by enlarging or changing font Image Magnifier Tool for studying card image details

• Resolved issues and bug fixes

Tarot e Screen Shot Cropped Small

For now, Tarot eCards is available only for iOS Apple devices, but they will be releasing the Android version in a month or so.

Don't have an actual Snowland Deck in-hand yet? Well get thee over to to check out all the cards and see the purdy fabrics for your bag.

-- Janet 


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