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Tarot's Roasting Wheel

Sometimes, life feels like a Roasting Wheel!

Coffee Tarot Wheel 600

Here's the latest completed card in our Limited Edition Coffee Tarot: The Roasting Wheel. It's our version of the Wheel of Fortune. It's when life turns up the heat that our essence comes out. We mature (or not), become perfected (or not), give off a mouth-watering aroma (or not)--just so we can get ready for the grinder. 


Seriously, though, how we react when life turns up the "heat"--throws us curve balls or otherwise spins us off our center of gravity--determines whether we increase our rigidity, or become more flexible. I know one thing: when a windstorm hits, I want to be the flexible tree (to mix a metaphor)!

It just makes future tumbles in the Roaster Wheel easier to bear.

And the smell's not to bad, either!

Silly jokes aside, there's only four more days left to receive the $6 discount and bonus goodies (3-card reading from me--$35 value--biscotti, fortune cookie, chance to win a custom woodburned box from Mr. Ron and more). And, we're only printing 50 copies of the deck--and over half are already spoken for. When they're gone...they're gone!

Click here to see all the images completed thus far and reserve your Limited Edition Coffee Tarot--and lock in all those bonus goodies that will vanish on August 1. 

-- Janet


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