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Thematic Tarot - Supporting and Inspiring Tarot Lovers

If you'd like to support friendly Tarot blogging, please consider visiting and subscribing to our group blog Thematic Tarot--but, most especially, take a few minutes to comment on the posts.

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Website: We can dispel competition and hostility in the online Tarot world by supporting group efforts like this. (I'm the founder/Editor-in-Chief). Our bloggers are Teresa Mills, Lisa Frideborg, Angie, myself, Mr. Ron (my darling artist husband!).

Thematic Square 200Do you have some wisdom, tidbits, exercises, reviews, deck interviews or insights to share about Tarot? Send me an email at and we'll see about you joining the Thematic Tarot team. :o) I'll just need a headshot of your purdy face (or a representational avatar), brief bio, a few writing samples and your preferred email address (so I can send you a TypePad invite for you to start blogging immediately). 

We also have a secret FB group for our bloggers--just for support, ideas and camraderie--should you wish to join it, too. 

Wait...are you still here? Get your butt over to Thematic Tarot to read all the awesome posts there and to leave a comment on your favorite ones. ::wink:: 

-- Janet

Introducing the Boyer Charming Oracle

Team Boyer has made another creation: The Boyer Charming Oracle! (Website:

Charms Bags 570

60 Charms, extensive keywords, chakra focus stones, birthstones for whole-year divination...WHEW! We put a lot of work into this baby (both Ron and Noah helped me with the keywords). Here's a snippet of the .pdf, below:

Keywords Snapshot Smaller

Yep, I correlated all the charms with Tarot cards, too. Our system is unlike any other out there (no random "casting" here!). In fact, our Casting Sheets are really indepth spreads to use with our charms.

Find out more at the pretty page I made here. Way cool, huh?Be Your Own Prophet-- Janet

Marcus Katz "The Tarosophist" Threatens Again

KatzwadMany in the Tarot community know what a litigious megalomaniac Marcus Katz is (he's the founder of Tarot Professionals, Tarosophy by Marcus Katz, Tarosophy Tarot Conventions Worldwide, etc.). I just got this email from the head of a Tarot Association in Portugal (used with permission):


Last May we founded a Portuguese tarot association to bring a healthy vision of tarot to the main public. Portugal is, unfortunately, a country where tarot is mainly used to frighten, scare, control and steal from those that search for some help and guidance.

We decided to go for a word used by Spanish Rosicrucian 17th century books: tarosofia. This Tarot study with a philosophic approach was a good sum of what we wanted to give the public, however a couple of days later the man in the subject sent us an obnoxious threat naming himself as owner of the English word "tarosophy", thus the owner of all translations.

We are not a dumb unprepared group so we had our lawyer take proper answer to the 'name' usurper.

When the 'Katz' noticed he could not control our existence as he probably
thinks he does with other tarot associations, he paid a 'rat' to create another Portuguese association that is constantly attacking, copying and bullying us and our students (to their dismay not working much).

We send this email after we read and took notice of prior threatening and terrorism activities of this person towards your work. Mainly we just want you to know that, as small as we may be, we sympathize and understand what this infamous author does to the freedom of speech and of tarot. Concluding, do accept our 'home' as yours and keep up the good work on tarot study and on fighting the bullies.

Mário Portela
VIMANA - Tarosofia Lusitana

For additional listening enlightenment: Click here. Also: Read this and this.

After angelAlso, Marcus Katz brags about doing "The Abramelin Operation", as chronicled his experience in his book After the Angel. Description:

Is it possible to gain the knowledge and conversation of your Holy Guardian Angel? 

The Abramelin Operation, a mysterious 14th century manuscript, promises nothing less than to give the successful practitioner of its instructions the knowledge and conversation of their personal Holy Guardian Angel. Following a six-month ordeal of intense practices, the ritual is also said to give the Operant magical powers, control of demonic forces and the use of the infamous magical squares and talismans whose abuse would otherwise cause insanity or dire spiritual consequences.

In this landmark publishing event of the western esoteric tradition, the inner workings of its most profound and demanding spiritual ritual are fully revealed. Join modern magician Marcus Katz in a timeless journey to complete the 177 days of intense magick whilst living within a contemporary life. 

In 2004, after thirty years of preparation, the author performed this working whilst maintaining a full daily journal. Within the course of six months, it would utterly change his life, his home, his career, and his family. It would produce miraculous events that took a further seven years to comprehend. It would turn reality inside out and reveal great mysteries of the divine world and our place within the Universe. 

Only one other journal of this type has ever been widely published. Now, after almost forty years, After the Angel brings the Operation directly to a modern readership. This complete journal, packed with unique reference boxes, commentaries, footnotes and reading lists explaining key terms of the western esoteric and spiritual path, will take you on an unparalleled journey into the very heart of western magick and spirituality.

Most people wonder what it would be like to contact their Angel. In this incredible document you will be taken to that moment and far beyond … after the Angel.

And what IS Abramelin Magic? It influenced both Crowley and Mathers. The core of those "infamous magic squares"?

To excite every Description of Hatred and Enmity, Discords, Quarrels, Contentions, Combats, Battles, Loss, and Damage.

More about Abramelin Magic at Satan's Heaven (I kid you not). This book has been out since 2011--and has the enthusiastic endorsement of Rachel Pollack and Lon Milo DuQuette. 

For those that had eyes to see, it's always been there...

The question remains: what are you going to do about i?

-- Janet

Interview with the Coffee Tarot

Teresa Mills, one of the Thematic Tarot bloggers, just "interviewed" our Coffee Tarot. This is a practice that some Tarot enthusiasts use in order to get to know their deck. I've never done it, myself, but I find the process fascinating. I really should try it sometime!

When Teresa posted this to our private Coffee Tarot Club group on Facebook, I was moved. Truly moved. It was as if our deck was speaking with its own "voice", apart from Ron and I (as creators". What a wild feeling! Teresa was kind enough to give me permission to post her inteview here. Enjoy!

Coffee tarot interview 600

Deck Interview: Getting to Know The Coffee Tarot by Teresa Mills

1. Coffee Tarot, tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?

The Star - Coffee is the superstar of this deck, just as you are the superstar of your readings. I help you shine. I am a deck of power, bringing messages forward of inspiration and truth, yet I have a gentle comforting way of doing that through my rich coffee tone colors. Coffee is a very relatable thing to many people, especially coffee drinkers, so I will help bring messages and information at a relatable level for you and others. You be Wonder Woman, and I will be your lasso of truth; I am comfortable to take that role.

2. What are your strengths as a deck?

Magic - I am a magical and creative deck, a special tool that you can use to help you or others see the options and solutions right in front of you so that you too can create magic in your world and manifest the outcomes you desire. Think of me as your magic wand.

3. What are your limits as a deck?

Fuel - I am a Tarot deck, and although I am a magical tool and provide fuel to your thoughts, I can’t do the work for you, you must find your passion to move forward and bust through the barriers that stand in your way. I only bring information forward; the action is up to you.

4. What do you (the deck) bring to the table - what are you here to teach me?

The Emperor - Take the information I bring forth, and learn to use it to become your own authority. Trust your intuition, trust the messages. Who knows you better than you? You are the ruler of your own kingdom, you make the rules, I, the Coffee Tarot, am just a humble servant here to assist you. Using the structure of the topic of coffee, I bring you guidance, advice and wisdom through my imagery.

5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?

Hanging - Take time to reflect on the information I bring forward to you. Pause, let it sink in; let me show you how you might see things differently from another perspective.

Note: I started this last night and was not doing well putting the information together. Instead of giving up, I went to bed and left the spread out with to ponder. I look at it today, I hear Pow!, Wonder Woman, and the information comes forward. I thought this was interesting, given the answer to this question and my first experience using this deck.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Tradition - I can help you weave a story together in a reading, just as my creators weaved the story of coffee through me. I know Tarot plays a central role in your life, and I want to help you to become a more creative tarot reader, to use your imagination, to think outside the box to break down barriers, to add more meaning and value to your tarot study and readings. With a little time and effort, we can forge a strong relationship that will last, like petrogylphs on a cave wall, and give beautiful readings together. Maybe we will even create some traditions of our own together.

Note: Interesting, my favorite card in the deck, Tradition, shows up as the outcome. I have also started some other classes, which we learn quite about a bit about ancient traditions of different cultures. So that is an area I am interesting in learning more, and of course, bring what I learn into my Tarot study.

Thank you so much, Teresa, for sharing your interview with the Coffee Tarot. I can't tell you how gratifying it is, a deck creator, to have the cards "speak" independently to a reader. It's gives me a new perspective of the cards--and makes me want to have my own conversation with the deck. 

-- Janet